Some quick tips around the official advice for those travelling to Hungary in summer 2020, and a look at European online casinos for those stuck at home.

Advice for Travelling to Hungary in 2020

Travelling was clamped down on when lockdowns were instigated to combat the pandemic. But with lockdowns slowly being lifted, we have some information for those now looking forward to the tourist treats of Hungary, and about online casinos for those still stuck at home.

Tourism vs European Online Casinos during Quarantine

The return of tourism to Europe will be a great relief to those tired of lockdown and quarantine conditions. However, certain spots may remain subject to lockdowns, leaving people there unable to explore overseas. Those who find themselves in that boat will be glad of the internet, and the chance to distract themselves with the best European online casinos. These sites are popular with players across the continent, and players from Hungary can play on these to have fun whilst the pandemic slowly ebbs away. No deposit bonuses and mobile platforms make European online casinos both highly accessible and, if you take advantage of free cash/spins, low risk ways to delve into the world of online gambling.

Summer Tourism in the EU

Returning to tourism, eleven European foreign ministers have met by videoconference and openly endorsed the restoration of free movementwithin the European Union. The ministers also advocated the resumption of transportation links and the return of tourism in a co-ordinated and gradual manner to reduce the risk of rising infections.

Both within member states and the EU generally, the COVID-19 pandemic has been extremely challenging. Nations have taken different approaches, some more divergent than others, and some countries have been hit relatively less or more for reasons that aren’t always obvious. The EU has been clear that it expects there to be a tourism seasonin 2020, even if that comes with some limitations.

Lockdowns have been widespread across Europe, although these barriers are starting to come down as infection rates decline and case numbers fall. The opening up of the continent to tourism will take place in a series of small steps, rather than moving all the way back to business as usual overnight. And certain changes may be long term, such as the absence or reduced provision of food aboard flights to cut down on contact and reduce the risk of spreading infections.

Hungary’s Tourism Funding Boost

The Hungarian Government will spend an extra 150bn forints (equivalent to US$469m) revamping tourist accommodations and other developments. New ships will also be procured for Lake Balaton. Tourism is already a major sector for the country (worth 13% of GDP in 2019) and is expected to rise to 16% by 2030, making the recovery of overseas interest following the pandemic vital for the Hungarian economy.

Open air pools and other attractions may also be developed to help kickstart Hungary’s tourism sector. The great outdoors are far better for both maintaining social distance and avoiding regularly touched items that may pass along infections, so this area of tourism may see a boom.

Staying Safe in Hungary

The Hungarian Tourism Agency has published a guidebook with health recommendations. At the time of writing these are merely suggestions that ought to be followed, but it is possible they will later become mandatory.

Many of the recommendations are aimed more at tourism operators and restaurants than visitors. However, some aspects do relate to the behaviour of guests, such as making use of hand sanitisers that ought to be provided at restaurant entrances.

Jacuzzis and steam cabins may well be forced to suspend operations, with slippers strongly advised in all spa areas. Visitors should be aware of this and check individual sites they wish to visit to see what’s open or if services are reduced. Caterers, restaurant seating, spa, beaches, and workplaces generally are to have increased distancing to reduce the chance of infection (1.5 to 2m).

Masks and Shields

In accommodation, both staff and guests ought to have access to disinfectant. Staff should have masks or plexiglass face shields, with masks provided to guests upon request. It may be wise on a precautionary basis for visitors to Hungary to take a number of face masks with them, just to be safe.

Restaurant staff should also work wearing face masks/shields, with served food covered with a cloche to help protect it.

Stay Informed and follow the News

Naturally, all visitors should also consider their own particular needs. If this involves medicine then having a surplus of supply may be wise if only for peace of mind. Keeping up to date with all local and international news is advisable, as it has been throughout this ongoing crisis. Regular handwashing and maintaining social distance are essential almost wherever you are in the world.

Tourism is going to return, and the EU in general and Hungary, in particular, are committed to ensuring it does so in as safe a manner as possible. So long as official advice is heeded and travellers keep on their toes and observe the rules there’s every reason to hope and expect tourism to be back on the agenda in a safe way. Remember though, that in the meantime you can always take advantage of European online casinos to pass the time.

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