Penzcentrum said, with a constantly growing food scene of Budapest it is only normal that all of us occasionally suffer from a “where do you want to eat” syndrome. It is hardly difficult to find a place that serves all kinds of culinary goodness: from an omnipresent fast food restaurants, charming little brasseries with spectacular wine selections to some extremely lavish decadent restaurants and dining rooms. However, it is always challenging to decide on what to choose. Luckily, recently the Dining Guide has published the list of the best 100 restaurants in Hungary. It is noteworthy that according to the professional judging 26 of them are located outside the capital.

The restaurants with the Michelin Stars occupy the top positions- with 17 points each, Costes and Onyx. Strangely enough,Borkonyha, which was recently also awarded with the Michelin Star, got only 15,5 points and occupied the 5th position in the chart. Zona Bistro, located on the bank of the Danube, Buda side has 16,5 points, the Salon Restaurant (New York Palace) 16 points.

There was no mystery that the most lavish restaurants of Budapest would occupy the top ten positions of the rating list; their exquisite cuisine, striking interior design and vibrant atmosphere of a downtown location overshadowed all the competitors. However, 26 nominees bring gourmets to the Hungarian countryside. According to the Dining Guide, the 67 Étterem located in Székesfehérvár deserves 14,5 points and occupies the honorable tenth position. The Gusteau, restaurant within the Patricius Villa and the Kistücsök in Balatonszemes both received 14 points.

In Budapest the majority of the restaurants is located in the Pest side, more than a half of nominees: V., VI., VII., VIII., IX., and XIV districts. The best restaurants of the Buda side are in the I. district: Zona, Arany Kaviár (15 points) and Csalogány 26 (15 points).

During the evaluation process restaurants were given 1-20 points. The judges took into the consideration following criteria: location, atmosphere, staff, quality of the service, creativity, the quality of the raw materials, the harmony of ingredients and flavors, etc.

8 Points: There are several mistakes in the work of a restaurant with a room for improvement.

9 Points: A restaurant has slightly more advantages than disadvantages.

10-12 Points: A restaurant is better than average. With a promising service and cuisine.

13-14 Points: A restaurant has a good service, innovative vision, good performance and good cuisine.

15-17 Points: Considering international standards this restaurant has the Michelin Star performance, amazing culinary experience.

18 Points: Outstanding performance. According to the international standards deserves 2 Michelin Stars. This restaurant captures the spirit of a modern global cuisine, with a perfect precision follows international gourmet trends.

19-29 Points: Can be listed among the best restaurants in the world. Completely unique, one of a kind experience.


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