The Dining Guide has published this year’s edition on the 100 best Hungarian restaurants, reports. Most of the contenders on the list are from Budapest, but the number of restaurants from the countryside is definitely on the rise.

Two Michelin starred restaurants lead the list with 92 points, Onyx in District V and Costes in District IX. Borkonyha, another Michelin starred restaurant earned third place, while the fourth place was taken by Costes Downtown.

As usual, the list is dominated by restaurants in the capital, but there is an increase in countryside establishments from last year when only 26 restaurants were listed. This year, 38 out of 100 restaurants are in the countryside, although none of them made it to the top 10. The best countryside restaurant is Kistücsök in Balatonszemes, earning 80+ points and a 16th place. The second best was Anyukám Mondta in Encs with 80 points, followed by IKON in Debrecen with 78 points.

The absence of names such as 67, Pomo d’oro or Viktor Segal’s kitchen might be striking for those familiar with the Hungarian restaurant scene. They were left out in the name of fair play since their owners were all involved with the Guide. Zoltán Herczeg, owner of the Székesfehérvár restaurant 67 publishes the Guide, while Gianni and Viktor Segal work as advisors.

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