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A Work Order App allows businesses to effectively track and manage all work order information seamlessly through a single dashboard.

A well-designed work order management system makes it very simple to manage the entire work order process from the beginning to the end. It completely automates work order management, thus reducing employees’ need to submit work orders annually and a significant amount of time.

Importance of Work Orders for a Business

If you are new to the work order managing department or have just started a business, you might be unaware of the importance of Work Order apps for businesses.

An experienced maintenance manager knows why work order management apps are required to run and maintain an organized and efficient work order program, which is essential for a business’s long-term success.

Being the head of a maintenance facility, an individual needs to address hundreds of repair and maintenance requests throughout the day. They need to quickly fulfill all the work orders to keep the business running smoothly and keep up with its productivity. Delays, errors, miscommunications, and failures in work order can create several complications for a business.

The risk of such issues is much higher when the work order tracking is being carried out on pen and paper. However, with the help of a work order app, you can minimize such risks.

Work order management apps automate the entire work order scheduling and monitoring process. It analyzes advanced data and analytics for maintenance and aids facility managers to make better and informed decisions.

Types of Work Order Apps

There are three types of work order apps based on their features. Each type of work order app has its features and benefits.

1. Simple Work Order Software System

These work order apps are designed for small businesses. They are quite convenient to use and offer lots of automation features. These tools allow real-time tracking of all work orders through a centralized platform.


CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management Software) tools are designed for both small and large businesses. They can manage the entire work order process. Along with basic features, CMMS software also provides other value-added features such as preventive measures, asset history, tracking of all critical equipment and assets, monitoring staff, etc.

3. FSM

FSM (Field Service Management) is suitable for businesses that have field employees distributed in different locations. It allows tracking and assigns tasks to field employees such as field technicians, salespeople, etc. and record their performance.

Top 5 Work Order Apps in 2020

There are many work order apps available nowadays. Choosing the best one among those can be a challenging task.

Before choosing something that will compose the company’s future, it is always better to research and identify the business’s perfect fit.

The following are the top-5 work order apps one should know about in 2020:

1.  UpKeep

UpKeep is undoubtedly one of the best work order management apps available in 2020. It is trusted by some of the world’s biggest companies. It offers the flexibility to create work orders on the go, get tasks updated notification, and several other information more conveniently and efficiently.

You can access UpKeep’s CMMS app from a desktop or any mobile device, including phones, laptops, and tablets. It is appropriate for small to midsized companies across several industries.

The key features of UpKeep are:

  • Simple work order creation, management, and tracking in real-time
  • CMMS cum FSM features
  • Contract Management
  • Time and cost tracking
  • Automated and smart workflow
  • Multi-site reporting
  • Mobile Access
  • Self-service, phone, training, and chat support

UpKeep Pricing Overview

Upkeep Pricing starts at $35.00 per user per month. UpKeep also offers a free-trial version so that businesses can check its features before investing.

2. eWorkOrders CMMS

eWorkOrders CMMS is a highest-rated, easy to use, affordable, and powerful work order management app. It allows you to manage and report on daily operations easily and plan for future operations. It can be accessed at any time, from anywhere, on any platform.

The key features of eWorkOrders CMMS are:

  • Complete CMMS tools
  • Quick and easy work order navigation for generating detailed interactive reports
  • Mobile Maintenance
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Spare Parts inventory
  • Easy to Use
  • Real-time update and chat support

eWorkOrders CMMS Pricing Overview

eWorkOrders CMMS Pricing starts at $35.00 per user per month. eWorkOrders CMMS also offers a free-trial version so that businesses can check its features before investing.

3. Limble CMMS

Limble CMMS is built based on the feedback and insights from over 200 maintenance and facility managers. It is simple to use work order solution best suited for manufacturing, facilities, equipment, hospitals, fleet, property, schools, gyms, and more.

It includes every feature a Maintenance Manager requires to manage works orders and increase productivity conveniently. Limble CMMS also comes with iOS and Android mobile apps, thus making it easily assessable.

The key features of Limble CMMS are:

  • Mobile Maintenance
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Asset maintenance
  • Work Request
  • Reports and Dashboards
  • Inventory management

Limble CMMS Pricing Overview

Limble CMMS Pricing starts at $50.00 per user per month. Limble CMMS also offers a free-trial version so that businesses can check its features before investing.

4. Bella FSM

Bella FSM is the top-rated field service management software, trusted by several small, mid-sized, and start-up businesses in field service industries.

It provides real-time access to all customer data, offering workforces to perform functions like updating work-orders in real-time, escalating support issues, tracking inventory availability, and accessing customer history online. The Bella FSM app is fully customizable.

The key features of Bella FSM are:

  • Custom Data Field
  • Offers accounting features
  • Text and e-mail alerts
  • Create reminders for customers and employees
  • Mobile Access
  • Work Management

Bella FSM Pricing Overview

Bella FSM Pricing starts at $59.00 per user per month. Bella FSM also offers a free-trial version so that businesses can check its features before investing.

5. MaintainX

MaintainX is another excellent work order software available in 2020. It is very user-friendly and convenient to use. It allows you to create unlimited work orders and invite as many users as needed.

The user-friendly interface makes it very easy to create, customize, and assign work orders. MaintainX comes with android and iOS apps, thus making it easily accessible.

The key features of MaintainX are:

  • Create customized forms of work orders, procedures, and inspections
  • Repeatable work orders
  • Fast and simple work order creation
  • Unlimited messaging
  • Complete automation and scheduling of work orders
  • Accessible through multiple devices


Managing businesses is getting incredibly difficult these days, with competition rising rapidly. Thankfully, work order software has made it easier to get around the workplace. They have increased efficiency and productivity in the organization and are used in almost every modern-day office.

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