fire at sport center
Photo: MTI/Zoltán Mihádák

A child died, after a wooden stall caught fire in Budapest, in the MOM Sport Center on Monday evening. Another three were injured and taken to hospital.

The Police Headquarters of Budapest stated that they had received a call at 6:32 PM, according to which an unused wooden stall had caught fire, reported Blikk.

Firefighters brought an unconscious 8 year old child out of the building, and paramedics started her revival immediately. Despite the professional care, the child passed away on the scene.

sport center fire budapest

The police are investigating the cause of the fire, and have started an investigation against an unknown suspect on charges of careless manslaughter.

The wooden house, which caught fire, was on top of a sports centre in the 12th district in Budapest. A child managed to escape, and another was brought out by firefighters and handed the child over to paramedics. Szandra Bodnár, the communications associate of the National Ambulance Service, said that four ambulance units were alerted to the scene.

sport center fire
Photo: MTI/Zoltán Mihádák

One of the people sustained injuries so bad, that in spite of the lengthy revivification, she lost her life on the scene. Three people suffered light smoke inhalation; they were brought to toxicology after having been taken care of by paramedics.

A video about the firefighters’ working at the scene was released.

The mourning mother said goodbye to her 8-year-old, in a social media post. She wrote the heartbreaking words:

It is with great pain, that I let you know, my daughter passed away today! I miss you so much sweetheart, who will sleep next to me, hug me, kiss me?


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