Before we get into the details of where to find the tastiest fries in Europe, we should probably address what people call them: Chips? French Fries? Frites? Deep fried potatoes have lots of different names and styles around Europe.

Thin and crispy? Thick cut? Double fried? Triple fried? They come in all shapes and sizes, and we all have our favourites, so narrowing it down the the Top 50 French fries in Europe was no easy task for Big 7 Travel.

One thing we can all agree on is that they are absolutely delicious. From crispy Belgian frites to chunky chips, these are the goddamn best fried potatoes in Europe. 

Two Hungarian places made it into the top 50. Firstly, W35 came in 34th. The place does huge burgers that they serve street food-style, with the fries coming in small cardboard servings.

w35 burger bar
Photo: Burger Bar

This is everything you could ever wish for in a chip, with the perfect crispiness married with wonderful sauces.

Moreover, the Buffalo Steak House almost made it into the top10, snatching the 11th place. It might be the steak that they get all the attention and plaudits for, but the fries are the perfect side act. Super crispy and perfect. No matter how many times you eat here you will never get bored of dunking them into that sauce.

buffalo steak house


10th. Street Fries Kitchen – Riga, Latvia

9th. The Oban Fish And Chip Shop – Oban, Scotland

8th. Fritland – Brussels, Belgium

7th. Friterie De La Spetz – Luxembourg

6th. Cantina e Cucina – Rome, Italy

5th. Le Relais de Venise – Paris, France

4th. Freddy Fryday – Amsterdam, The Netherlands

3rd. Just Chips – Bristol, England

2. Makamaka – Barcelona, Spain

1st. Frites Atelier – Antwerp, Belgium

Source: Big 7 Media

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