A special chocolate ice cream and a summer-inspired raspberry ice cream represent Hungary at the Gelato World Tour, hvg.hu writes.

A raspberry ice cream by the Damniczki Pastry Shop, based in Székesfehérvár and Budapest, and a chocolate ice cream called “il mio cioccolato”, from the Bringatanya Ice Cream Parlour in Gyenesdiás won the national round of the Gelato World Tour in Hungary. These ice creams will compete in the European round, held in Italy in July.

The world competition of the Gelato World Tour will be held in Rimini, where the winners of the continent contests will compete against each other to win to title of the best ice cream in the world, said Balázs Damniczki.

He also talked about his ice cream, which is one of the many raspberry flavoured ice creams the pastry shop has created (their red wine and raspberry ice cream has won the ice cream of the year title before). This version is enriched with black tea and bergamot, as well as crunch almonds and a pistachio sauce.

The ice cream of Bringatanya is just as special: it’s made of 70.5pc cocoa from Sao Tome, to which they added passion fruit, with caramelised wafers and cocoa nibs on top, Renáta Somogyi revealed.

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Source: hvg.hu

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