A Ukrainian site, connected to the far-right, started to list Hungarians with dual citizenship on their public Facebook page, as reports.

The last few months have been troublesome regarding the Ukrainian-Hungarian political relations. The first important change was Ukraine’s new education policy, which restricted public education in minority languages. Afterwards, there have been several instances when Hungarians were intimidated in Ukraine, and the Hungarian government protected them in all the cases.

Now a far-right Ukrainian site called Mirotvorec started to publicly disclose personal information of Hungarians with dual citizenship in Ukraine. The page claims that they are traitors to the Ukrainian state and posted some of the Hungarians’ photos and personal data.

The name of the database of Hungarian-Ukrainian dual citizens is ‘Purgatory’.

The Hungarians posted on the page are all local municipality leaders and representatives, but the site also published their home cities and addresses, which leaves them vulnerable. Formerly, Petro Poroshenko, Ukrainian president admitted that their influence on Mirotvorec is scarce.

This has gone beyond a certain line: last time the page has disclosed information about someone as a traitor, they found dead in a few days’ time.

Ukraine prohibits dual citizenship that lot of the Hungarians living in Transcarpathia are in possession of. The problem of dual citizenship and the conflict between Ukraine and Hungary had become worse during last week when a video was published in which a Hungarian consul was issuing dual citizenship for Hungarians in his office.

According to the Ukrainian government, Hungary and the consul have overstepped boundaries, so they asked for the immediate withdrawal of the consul.

On the contrary, Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó claims that the procedure that can be seen on the video is completely legal.


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