Playing scrabble nowadays was never this easy. Now we have the option of word unscramblers available online to help through the anagrams. These word unscramblers are great at generating valid words for puzzles, word blanks, Text Twist, Literati and most of all Scrabble. 

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These unscramblers follow a simple rule; of using letters to break / or unscramble them and then create new words out of these letters. Word games are generally a lot of fun and mentally stimulating enough for anyone to be completely engrossed into. Especially when playing with friends, whether in school or during holidays it is a positively enchanting sight to enjoy;  worried wrinkled foreheads, hot chocolate on the side; a grin on your opponent’s face along with some scribbling by the side. 

The word unscrambler is a great tool to use in school; for classroom team-based activities.

Every letter used can be used to create so many different words. And if you are specifically playing Scrabble, then just the choice of letters on the board will give you more room to innovate and make more words. Instead of racking your own head around thinking of new vocabulary words, you let the unscrambler do its job more thoroughly and quickly. 

Unscramble Words

Word unscramblers are also used to search, unscramble letters, rearrange to form new words, and derive more word lists that you and I could do at a much quicker rate. One can use dictionaries like they used to be part of word games, but those too take up time. 

Knowing that the English language can be complex and fascinating in its own way; these scramblers can help with spellings too. Since the English language follows certain rules when it comes to spelling; and is not always intuitive. Silent words can be somewhat confusing for children and even adults along with pronunciation and syllables. 

A word unscrambler is super useful with words that sound the same but spelled differently and have completely different definitions. 

Unscramble letters

Word unscramblers work perfectly with rewording letters and can make up words up to 15 letter words, along with a combination of vowels and constants. The unscrambler is extremely useful when one needs to work with words from different origins.

Tips and Tricks to Unscramble Words

There are so many tips to unscramble words from a mixed box of letters. Some of the tricks and tips to use word unscramblers to its potential is by using the following:


  • Separate consonants from Vowels 
  • Look for short words, to begin with; such as ‘A’; ‘I’ or use consonants that cannot be on their own. 
  • Prefixes and suffixes are easy to play with as they extend the word length for you
  • Keep a pencil and paper as you would do to unravel the combinations of words while playing a word game. It helps to keep a check on spellings. 
  • If playing with word games with tiles, check the word on multiple tiles to see how a word is formed at different combinations. 
  • Try other consonants and vowels together 

Working with scramblers is super fun and useful looking at it from a larger perspective. Whether you use it for playing board games, or simply to broaden your vocabulary and co-tool it in school as a learning tool, it can work wonders if used to its potential. 

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