The Beachegg is being tested on Beach Lupa. According to, this innovation may be one of the biggest Hungarian IoT blasts.

It was developed by Virgo System in 2016, the same company that built up and sold iWiW to Telekom for around 3.2 million EUR. The device is known as the unstealable Hungarian beachegg, which is an IoT (Internet of Things) device. The Beachegg is the rival of “magictowel”. It is a safe that protects your properties on the beach. It makes its debut at Beach Lupa.

No worries if it’s stolen – the thief will be caught quotes an anecdote about a foreigner, who was surprised at the beach when seeing Hungarians trying to protect their properties with only a towel on their top. Although the “magictowel trick” has become a kind of tradition at the Hungarian beaches, we all know it is useless against thieves. This problem now seems to be solved by a Hungarian invention – isn’t it a bit ironic?

The main point of the Beachegg is that it protects our properties with a four-layer safety system: the first layer is the metal shell, the second is the loud alarm activated by motion, the third one is the safety guard (who is also warned by the stolen egg), while the fourth one is the online system, which can locate the stolen egg within one square metre on the map.

Source: facebook / Beachegg

All in all, the Beachegg is safe, its usage is comfortable, and can be rented at the beach for the price of a tonic. You take it out in the morning, pack your stuff in it, go swimming, then take it back.

It started as a cooler box – turned out to be a precious egg

The Beachegg was Gergő Halmi’s idea in 2015. He had in mind a rolling device resembling a cooler box that can also be fixed to the ground when he looked up Virgo System.

Then came Balázs Csapó, Creative Director of Virgo System, who saw the future in IoT. He said the idea is good, but it would be strange to see the girls in their bikinis pulling a box behind themselves on the beach. So they came up with the egg-shape, and instead of fixing it on the ground, they connected it to the Internet.

Source: facebook / Beachegg

After that, the concept of the trendy and sexy Beachegg was born. It quickly became hot in the Hungarian press in 2016, but its debut was still far away. The reason of that is that Halmi and Csapó stopped working together, as Halmi bought Csapó’s share. He did so because their idea of the Beachegg’s operation was different. Csapó wanted to sell it directly to the users, while Halmi wanted to build a unique system with the beaches.

As the company is run by Halmi, you can’t by your own Beachegg, but you can rent it on the beach. However, they offer the full pack to the beaches: they get a trendy stand (egg-shaped, of course), which has 60, 120 or 180 eggs. This is accompanied by the software background providing the safety.

Source: facebook / Beachegg

The company has developed so far that it only waits for the orders of the beaches, and can produce as many eggs as needed. Moreover, there are further plans to expand the service to protect children as well. The new technology is already under construction. According to the plans, it will look after the children with a bracelet. If the child goes further than a certain number of metres, the smartwatch on the parents’ wrist shows the location of the child as a compass.

It came out on Beach Lupa on July 1st

The Beachegg is being tested in this season. Gergő Halmi has said that people love it and up until now he received only positive feedback both from the beaches and the users. It seems that we can proudly state that not only the magictowel, but also the unstealable Beachegg is a Hungarian invention.

Source: facebook / Beachegg

Csapó keeps on developing the IoT system and constantly works on Linda, the coolest scooter ever.

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