Veszprém lost again Kiel in the men handball Championship final fours in Cologne, so the Hungarian team will play for the bronze medal. The defeat also means that there will not be 3 Hungarian teams winning three European cups, reports

The match started rather well for the Hungarian side as it conceded a men penalty early but took the lead soon anyway. Unfortunately, Kiel was able to use the Hungarian errors and quickly went ahead. The match was fast paced, the teams were not able to break away from each other. Aron Pálmarson (Kiel) and Cristian Ugalde (Veszprém) scored the most goals.

As the first half went on, Veszprém’s defence improved and with the help of the keeper Alilovic it established a two goal lead. That soon increased to 3 (11-8) and the coach substituted most players to get some rest. Ilic made errors multiple times, Kiel thanked the opportunity and equalized in an instant. Seeing it, Ortega called a time-out. Soon after László Nagy scored a goal but it was followed by a mess: a supposed fault was followed by a quick German counter attack. At the end, Ilic scored from penalty and set the half time core (13-13).

The match went on in the same manner in the second half. Kiel managed to get a 2 goals advantage and after Zeitz’s goal Ortega called a time-out again; however, Veszprém still struggled. The Hungarian supporters shouted: “We are with you!”, and the support was needed. Sulic has got a red card for elbowing while the German player only two minutes. Nevertheless, Veszprém has got closer to Kiel, but when Terzic was sent off, Kiel regained the 3 goals advantage. After that, the game remained the same, Veszprém could not get any closer. The last 5 minutes started with 26-29 Kiel lead. Ruesga tried to do everything to carry the Hungarian team but was not able to make wonder, the match closed with 26-29.

After the match, LászlóNagy named the reason of the loss: “The fact that we have conceded 8 counter attack goals out of 13 in the first half and they rushed through us like that in the second half too. We lacked discipline. We tried hard, but the hard trying resulted in a moan. We were not precise, they counter attacked us after lost balls. The defat hurts, yes, we wanted to get into the final, but tomorrow is the next match.”

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