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The girl used the successor of app, TikTok, to create her video. Then it was posted to Facebook and went viral immediately. was an application where one could make funny videos by lip-synching to songs. The app was acquired by ByteDance, who merged it with their similar app TikTok, reports Szeretlek Magyarország.

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The primary purpose remained the same: create 15-minute-long videos to popular hits. Lip-synch, jump, do whatever is fun. users – commonly known as musers – now have to use TikTok instead of their favourite application. The latter is quite popular in China as Douyin, which was the second most popular iOS app in the first quarter of 2018, having 100 million active users per month.

In Hungary, the most popular muser was the daughter of Norbert Schobert and Réka Rubint, fitness instructors. Lara Schobert was leading the rankings of the site for a long time before it was rebranded and many other teenagers started to create their own videos.

The funnier videos you make, the more popular you will be. A Hungarian girl decided to create one from a unique approach, using the mixture of Childish Gambino’s song This is America, a Hungarian video in which someone tells the snowplow to clean the road (of course with a little more temper), and the remix of a Hungarian folk song called Érik a szőlő. The video has more than a million views on Facebook now. See it for yourself below:

According to the psychologist Szilvia Eitler, these applications can be a great fun for children, but it is at least as dangerous as well, especially because of the negative comments they receive. Parents should be aware of these, although they usually do not see the problem through. Parents should be checking the content their children share through their mobile phones, be aware of what and how their kids are doing on these websites and the comments they receive in order to prevent them from depression and cyber harassment etc., she said in an interview on Duna TV.


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