Budapest, 2017. május 1. Vona Gábor, a Jobbik elnöke (k) beszél a párt majálisán, a Hajógyári-szigeten 2017. május 1-jén. Balra Kisberk Szabolcs újságíró, a beszélgetés moderátora. MTI Fotó: Kovács Attila

Budapest, May 1 (MTI) – Gábor Vona, head of Jobbik, called for a “freer and fairer” Hungary at his party’s May 1 event on Budapest’s Óbuda Island on Monday.

The opposition politician noted the importance of the change that his party has undergone. He said Jobbik’s mission was not to keep one social group happy, but to make Hungary a strong, happy and free country. Vona said there were disputes in every party, but added that he thought Jobbik was the “most uniform and cohesive community” while Fidesz is kept together by the “booty”. He expressed his hope that many of those who had left the party would return.

Speaking of Jobbik’s key objectives, Vona said one of these was to raise Hungarian wages to the level of European ones, adding that he believes Hungary would become deserted unless the pay gap with western Europe is closed.

“Young Hungarians love their country,” he said, “but they are not willing to starve”. He criticised domestic trade unions for refusing to sit down to negotiate with Jobbik “even though they agree with the party’s objectives”.

Photo: MTI

Vona also talked about the so-called “landlords’ tax” that Jobbik pledged to introduce if they were elected to government, which would tax income increases above 300 million forints (EUR 972,000) per year. “Those who obtained assets unlawfully will have to say goodbye to these”, he said, referring to a law package that his party also intends to introduce once they are in office.

He also mentioned Jobbik’s proposed “Type D vetting”, which politicians would have to undergo, including a national security test, a wealth test and a psychiatric test. Vona said that his proposals were not targeted at Fidesz, adding that he would also apply them to himself. He confirmed that he would set a limit of eight years on the time a person could serve as prime minister, adding that his party also proposes that the country’s leaders should declare any funding they have received from abroad retroactively to 1989.

Speaking of a possible election coalition with other parties, Vona said there are “limits to political rationality”, adding that Jobbik wants to replace the “ruling elite” of the past 27 years.

He said one of the most serious issues in Hungary was the coexistence of Hungarians and the ethnic Roma minority and called for an honest dialogue on the matter free from taboos.

Photo: MTI

Source: MTI

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