Summer is traditionally the season of burglars. Although “skilled” burglars are not familiar with the term: obstacle, we can contribute to the security of our homes. According to, when we are out on vacation, we need to be much more wary to avoid being robbed.

In the countryside, people still leave their doors unlocked either during daytime or night-time. Citizens living in cities, however, try to protect their properties by means of anything possible including grids, warning devices, or even camera systems in order to avoid being the target of burglars.

Nevertheless, technical security protection is often not enough. Many of us voluntarily offer our properties to potential burglars. By continuously sharing information about when and where we are, with whom we meet, what we do, and, especially during summer, posting pictures on social media platforms, we can easily make ourselves an easy target for burglars.

Ágnes Németh, head of crime prevention department at Hungarian National Police HQ, pointed out that “people should not post how much fun they are having abroad, neither should they post real-time photos on social media platforms. If we want to share our experiences with our friends, we should create a closed group, or wait until we are safely home.” Everybody should have home insurance today, and if we buy something more valuable, the insurance should be adjusted to value of these assets as well, she added.

Dr. Szandra Windt, researcher of the National Institute of Criminology, emphasized that under no circumstances should we upload our home address, photos about the interior of the house, or the newly bought and expensive technical appliances on the web. Property owners are less responsible in the summer period, therefore they often leave the windows of the house open due to the warm weather, which is another frequently occurring reason people being the victim of burglary. Usually, houses and apartments are also renovated during the summer period, and people tend to leave the gate open, which also attracts burglars. According to Dr. Szandra Windt, before we leave our house, it is advisable to ask our neighbours to look after our properties while we are having a holiday.

Ákos Pándi, security advisor, gave some advice on what to do when the burglary has already happened. He highlighted that it would be advantageous to have a list about our assets, which list also includes the photos, the article numbers, and the identification numbers of the objects.

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