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A new Hungarian bar has opened up in Paris, attracting French bohemians. The bar is called Bogibar after the founder, Boglárka Pálosi. According to Forbes, she was inspired by her field of work as well as by her love for the French capital.

Boglárka Pálosi studied European cultural policy and European cultural management. After her graduation, she travelled all over the world for a while, but she also made a name for herself as a successful cultural manager in Hungary. She worked for Sziget Festival for 17 years; she was the manager of Gödör Klub, and series like ElectroBeats, BalkanBeats or the creative community called Unicorn Factory Association are also linked to her. She had worked in London and Berlin as well; however, she always wanted to return to Paris.

“I approach operating the bar from an event planning point of view, while hospitality is also always present, as some of the money comes from that”

– said Pálosi, who does her best to give upcoming French and Hungarian talents more and more opportunities to shine.

The bar is located in the 17th district in Paris, just 20 minutes away from the beloved bohemian quarter, Montmartre. So, the primary target audience would be the so-called ‘bobs’, the bourgeois-bohemian groups who are open to the arts. However, lovers of healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle are also attracted to the place.

culture, bar, paris

“I found the place while I was walking my dog” – said Pálosi. When it turned out the place was available, she sold her flat in Budapest and made her dreams a reality from 50 million forints (153 680EUR).

In Bogibar, people can expect to witness Hungarian, French and international exhibitions, concerts, roundtable discussions and all sorts of other events.

People can choose from lots of vegetarian and gluten-free meals, while the special offers are Hungarian curiosities like goulash or the Hortobágy-style meat-filled pancakes. In the kitchen, established Hungarian chefs vouch for the quality of the food, such as Susa Horváth and Mátyás Wirth. Anita Obermayer is the one responsible for vegan and gluten-free desserts. During the day, lunch is important, while in the evening, the various events are the main attraction.

Events are planned to be organised where Hungarian artists can perform so that the French cultural scene can get to know them, too. The bar has just opened up, but the colourful programmes have already attracted a good audience. 200 people turned up just for the opening. Pálosi said this about her hopes and dreams for the bar:

“I have the ambition to build a community. I hope to make that a reality here.”

Meals: 2-17 EUR

Drinks: 2.70-8.50 EUR

Attending events: usually free

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