Brussels, February 18 (MTI) – Hungary has two red lines in connection with British demands for reform of the European Union, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said on Thursday. The principle of the free movement of people must not be undermined and deals that apply to Britain should not serve as precedents for the EU as a whole, he insisted.

Speaking to Hungarian journalists ahead of the summit of EU leaders, Orbán said the right “to go if you want to” as a tourist or for work should be protected.

If the British are given tailored policy options, these should do not become available to other EU countries, he said.

Hungarian aims include ensuring that Hungarian employees in the UK should not suffer any kind of discrimination to their disadvantage, the prime minister said, adding that Hungary’s demand that new benefit rules should not apply to Hungarians already working in the UK appears achievable, he said, adding that Hungary’s standpoint would hopefully be sustained in debates over the two-day summit.

Photo: MTI


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