Portfolio.hu went after where is the cheapest to live according to the real estate prices.

According to portfolio.hu, Miskolc is the cheapest university town according to the real estate prices, whether it is about renting or buying one. Renting in the agglomeration (Gödöllő) is fairly cheaper than in Budapest – presumably due to low supply – but significantly cheaper to buy. Among the other towns Győr is the most expensive if you would like to rent a flat, but buying one is more expensive in Debrecen. You can find a flat half as much in Szeged, Kaposvár and Veszprém than in Budapest.

Using the criminal map of Otthontérkép, the site also investigated which university towns are the most guilty. If we look the crimes per thousand people, Budapest is leading the list, followed by Miskolc. Of course, because of the sizes of the capital, this data can be misleading and not to forget the numerous poisitive things: culture, job opportunities, transportation etc.

Portfolio.hu concluded that crime rate does not influence the real estate prices, except Miskolc, which is the cheapest one and Kaposvár with lower criminal rate and higher prices. To summarize, studying in Miskolc is the cheapest, but the safest place is Sopron. However, there are several other aspects which you can decide on where to study.

based on the article of portolio.hu
translated by Becsi

Photo: www.martinus.hu

Source: http://portfolio.hu/

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