With the coming of the good weather, bars, restaurants and coffee shops are opening their terraces, which are almost always full. However, many people choose to take their coffee away to go out to a nice park, drink their caffeine dose in the open air and enjoy the sun. While the weather is good enough, a coffee or a hot chocolate is a great choice for a pleasant chatting. Divany.hu compared the prices of several coffee shops, which offer takeaway, and have really good coffee. It’s important to know that these are initial prices, asking for additional flavors or whipped cream topping significantly increases the total price. It’s good news that every type of coffee are available in decaffeinated version, and have the same price in case of takeaway.

Popular coffee types

Espresso: High-temperature water is let through the coffee in high pressure to add all the flavors and fragrances to the drink.

Cafe Latte: 1/3 part Espresso, 2/3 parts steamed milk with milk foam on the top. Also known as milk coffee.

Cappuccino: 1/3 part Espresso, 1/3 part hot milk and 1/3 part milk foam with some cocoa powder on the top.

Hot chocolate: Some people say it’s the same as chocolate milk, others say the difference is that one is made from cocoa and the other is from chocolate.

California Coffee Company

Besides coffee, sandwiches and cakes are available, right now XXL muffins are on special offer. In addition to these, you can ask for paleo sweets, fruits, and sugar, flour, and glucose free cakes to your coffee. It’s a shame that these coffee shops which provide weekly specials and seasonal coffee are only available on Biatorbágy outside Budapest. The actual offer is sour cherry latte, but strawberry-almond latte also appeared in connection to the spring. You can collect points, after 8 coffees you get a free one, and one star too. Stars can also be collected and later exchanged for presents. If you don’t have enough patience to collect enough stars, you can buy the thermoses, syrups and coffee beans in the shop.

California Coffee Company prices and sizes

Small (0.2 l)Medium (0.35 l)Large (0.45 l)
EspressoHUF 390HUF 450
Cafe LatteHUF 590HUF 690HUF 790
CappuccinoHUF 540HUF 640
Hot chocolateHUF 750
Coffeeshop Company

Beside Budapest, these coffee shops operate in several large cities in the countryside, in shopping malls, near busy transport hubs and in big business centers. There are also various types of cakes in the shops, and this company has some seasonal offers and specialty coffee as well. Regular customers can collect points and stickers, and after 6 drinks, the 7th is free.

Coffeeshop Company prices and sizes

Small (0.2 l)Medium (0.3 l)Large (0.4 l)
EspressoHUF 460HUF 590 (double)
Cafe LatteHUF 630HUF 690HUF 740
CappuccinoHUF 630HUF 690HUF 740
Hot chocolateHUF 640HUF 700HUF 760
Costa Coffee

According to their Facebook site the first Costa coffee was made in London 40 years ago by two Italian brothers. Since then 1300 English and 600 international coffee shops offer the Mocha Italia coffee blend based on the original recipe, supervising carefully the work of Costa Roasting Plant. The description also mentions how much the technical manager and his team are working to supervise the gigantic facility properly, until every special blend reach their goals in the almost 2000 coffee shops. Costa Coffee also provides special offers in different seasons, and waffles in addition. They also offer fresh croissants for breakfast.

Costa Coffee prices and sizes

Small (0,3 l)Medium (0.4 l)Large (0.5 l)
EspressoHUF 490HUF 580
Cafe LatteHUF 740HUF 860HUF 960
CappuccinoHUF 740HUF 860HUF 960
Hot chocolateHUF 780HUF 880HUF 980

The cafe chain of McDonalds which prepare coffee from real coffee beans. Toasts and cakes are also on offer. The McCafe’s specialty is that they keep a fixed level not only in hamburgers but in cakes as well, they have the same flavor for years, doesn’t matter where in the country or in which season you try them. Naturally, they offer seasonal specials too. According to their website, their drinks are made of sustainable, hand-selected coffee in the best quality.

McCafe prices and sizes

Small (0.2 l)Medium (0.3 l)Large (0.4 l)
EspressoHUF 330
Cafe LatteHUF 520HUF 590
CappuccinoHUF 420HUF 520HUF 590
Hot chocolateHUF 550HUF 630

The coffee shop which has been meaning a lot more than simple coffee drinking for a long time, which is the highlight of the week for many people, and a lifestyle for some, and where most people feel as an essential duty to take a photo of their paper cups with their names written on them with permanent markers. Visitors can choose from three different roasting methods of the ethically procured coffee. Their website says that they support coffee producers (with loans for example, but naturally not in a direct way), and pay attention to reduce the negative impact what coffee cultivation has on the environment. Besides coffee you can buy snacks and different presents as well, or take coffee beans or ground coffee home.

Starbucks prices and sizes

Small (0.354 l)Medium (0.473 l)Large (0.592 l)
EspressoHUF 490HUF 550 (double)
Cafe LatteHUF 750HUF 790HUF 890
CappuccinoHUF 750HUF 790HUF 890
Hot chocolateHUF 890HUF 990HUF 1090

All things considered, Costa Coffee is the most expensive, and McCafe is the cheapest solution. Divany.hu presents the price trends in different sizes in the following way.

Small size drinks

California Coffee CompanyCoffeeshop CompanyCosta CoffeeMcCafeStarbucks
EspressoHUF 390HUF 460HUF 490HUF 330HUF 490
Cafe LatteHUF 590HUF 630HUF 740HUF 750
CappuccinoHUF 540HUF 630HUF 740HUF 420HUF 750
Hot chocolateHUF 640HUF 780HUF 890

Medium size drinks

California Coffee CompanyCoffeeshop CompanyCosta CoffeeMcCafeStarbucks
EspressoHUF 450HUF 590HUF 580HUF 550
Cafe LatteHUF 690HUF 690HUF 860HUF 520HUF 790
CappuccinoHUF 640HUF 690HUF 860HUF 520HUF 790
Hot chocolateHUF 750HUF 700HUF 880HUF 550HUF 990

Large size drinks

California Coffee CompanyCoffeeshop CompanyCosta CoffeeMcCafeStarbucks
Cafe LatteHUF 790HUF 740HUF 960HUF 590HUF 890
CappuccinoHUF 740HUF 960HUF 590HUF 890
Hot chocolateHUF 760HUF 980HUF 630HUF 1090

Translated by Zsófia Luca Szemes from divany.hu

Photo: receptmegoszto.hu

Source: http://dailynewshungary.com/

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