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According to astrology, the most important elements of Capricorn horoscope (22nd December to 20th January) are time and responsibility; its representatives are mainly characterised by seriousness and purposefulness. But what about the most special day of the year?! People who were born on 24th December are characterised by optimism and loyalty. Thanks to their in-depth thinking and sensibility, they can easily adapt to new situations and circumstances. Let’s see which world-famous celebrities are included in this special category!

Humphrey Bogart (25th December 1899 – 1957)

The world-famous Hollywood actor has become famous with the 1941’s thriller, High Sierra. Humphrey Bogart starred in more than thirty films; he played mostly bad-boy characters, gangsters, or homicide figures. His dark side was switched to a “good boy” character – starring as a private investigator in John Huston’s exciting thriller The Maltese Falcon.

His most significant success started as a small-budget romance; however, the film became the most-watched classic story of all times – in 1942, Michael Curtiz’s Casablanca converted the character of Bogart into a male idol.

As reports, with Ingrid Bergman they created a perfect duo on the screen, while the Hollywood celebrities did not like each other in the civilian life.

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After three divorces, the actor fell in love – while filming The Big Sleep – with the twenty-five years younger Laureen Bacall. The womaniser, alcoholic, chain smoker Bogey continued his adventures on the screen; as a result, he was awarded as the Best Male Actor at Oscar Awards for The African Queen. In private life, he lived in harmony with his fourth wife, Bacall and their two children. After more than eighty films, his career was interrupted by his illness: he was diagnosed with throat cancer. He passed away at the age of 57.

Howard Hughes (24th December 1905 – 1976)

Howard Hughes
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As reports, the Hollywood celebrity lived an extremely colourful life – he was an American film producer, film director, engineer, a pilot in one person. He inherited a productive machine tool factory from his father, which provided a stable background for his costly film and aerospace enterprises. Besides numerous war and western movies, he was the designer of two famous aeroplane models and also set up several world aviation records.

Ava Gardner (24th December 1922 – 1990)

Thanks to her exotic beauty, the American actress was one of the biggest stars of her age. She grew up on a tobacco plantation, being the youngest among the parents’ seven children. Her brother-in-law had a photography studio; Gardner’s photo was put in the shop-window that attracted the attention of a theatre professional. He suggested sending some pictures of Ava to MGM. The beautiful and talented actress played in many films; she was also nominated for Oscar Award (with the film Mogambo), but the prize was eventually won by Audrey Hepburn (1953) with Roman Holiday.

Ava Gardner

Ava’s third marriage was her longest and most turbulent relationship with the world-famous Grammy and Oscar-winning actor and singer, Frank Sinatra.

Ricky Martin (24th December 1971 –  )

Ricky Martin

The Grammy Award-winning pop singer, actor, writer was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, as the child of an accountant father and a psychologist mother. After his parents’ divorce, he was raised in a Roman Catholic home. His musical talent emerged in his early childhood – at the age of six, he was already singing Led Zeppelin songs. The pretty-faced boy was first observed in commercials; at the age of ten, he already starred in several advertisements. As an adolescent, he was a member of a boyband called Menudo, where he spent six years. The first musical Mama ama el was realised by a Mexican trip; after that, he played in soap operas. His soloist career started in 1991, more than 500,000 copies had been sold of his debut album. His second album Me Amarás was entirely devoted to romantic songs, by which he won the Best Latin Artist award.

He became worldwide known with his song La Copa de la Vida at 1998’s Football World Cup. His other world-famous song is the Latin rhythm-based Loca La Vida.

Besides his world tours and studio recordings, the Latin idol also devoted time – as the ambassador of Unicef – to set up a foundation for the help of sick children. The singer openly professes his homosexuality; with his partner, Jwan Yoseffel they are raising two ten-year-old boys and plan to adopt two girls as well.


Sisi (24th December 1837 – 1898)


Few may know that the last queen of Hungary, Elizabeth Wittelsbach ‘Sisi’ was born on Christmas Eve, who unfortunately died before the turn of the century. It is no coincidence that during Christmas time several films can be watched about Sisi’s life, starring Romy Schneider († 43).

Michael Curtiz (24th December 1886 – 1962)

The Hungarian-born director had already been a well-known name in Europe – 64 films under his name – when Warner Bros. invited him to Hollywood in 1926.

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The world-famous celebrity directed 102 films in Hollywood and was nominated for five Oscar Awards out of which 2he won 2– one for the world-renowned film classic, the unforgettable “Casablanca”.


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