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Alberto Contador (on the right) is a Spanish former professional cyclist and one of the most successful riders of his era, winning the Tour de France twice, the Giro d’Italia twice and the Vuelta a Espana three times. Ivan Basso (on the left) is an Italian former professional cyclist and the best one among mountain riders. What is common in these two sportsmen? They both would like to make cycling more popular in Hungary.

Világgazdaság reported that Ivan Basso gave an exclusive interview to MTVA (Hungarian television), in which he said that:

“In my opinion, cycling will soon expand as a sport in Hungary and soon will become a national sport. We would like to contribute to this procedure and make cycling more popular and lovable among people, to create more competitions, and have more cyclists on the roads.”

His team held a training camp between January and the beginning of February where six young Hungarian cyclists trained together with international sportsmen and their improvement was so remarkable that they will become the members of the continental Spanish-Italian team. Besides having six Hungarian cyclists on their team, Contador and Basso would like to establish a stronger relationship with the Hungarian Cycling Federation.

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“We are thinking about long-term plans which means that we would like to embrace the Hungarian cycling to the next level with the help of the Alberto Contador Foundation.” – added Basso.

They would like to share their experience and thoughts with the Hungarian Federation, to take care of new reinforcements and to invite more Hungarian cyclists to their camps and choose which one of them can join to the Kometa Cycling Team led by Contador.

“We would like to establish an institution where, from a very young age, we could collect the future racers for the team, and after they reached 15-17 they could learn more in Spain or Italy to make their improvement more efficient.” – said Contador.

They are full of energy and enthusiasm and would like the future generation of their team to feel the same way. Also, they do not want to be remembered only for their achievements but also for what they did to make this sport more popular.

They also reported that both had a great time during the Tour de Hongrie which was a remarkable and special competition with a great atmosphere and environment, but the Hungarian cycling still needs to improve a lot in the future.

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