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(MTI) – The 8th world meeting of Hungarian doctors, pharmacists and health workers started in Pecs in southern Hungary on Thursday.

The four-day meeting dubbed The World Order of Healing will focus on issues such as vocation, culture, family and society.

Deputy state secretary in charge of health coordination and EU affairs at the ministry for human resources Hanna Pava told the opening event that the meeting will promote a dialogue on the future of health care.

“Being healthy and living a quality life are at the basis of society and the nation,” she said. Participants at the meeting are to discuss proposals to resolve problems linked to demographics, public health and access to health services.

The meeting has been organised by the pharmacist division within the Hungarian Health Science Society and hosted by Pecs University’s faculty of general medicine.

The participants include around a hundred Hungarian professionals from the Carpathian Basin and beyond.

Source: http://mtva.hu/hu/hungary-matters

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