R&D Top 100 (USA)
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The R&D Top 100 is an innovation and technology award of international prestige and this year one of its winners was the Hungarian start-up company, ThalesNano Energy Ltd. The company’s new hydrogen gas generating technology is already used in many countries worldwide.

The H-Genie is the first compact high-pressure hydrogen gas generator explicitly designed for chemists. It generates hydrogen up to 1450 psi at 1 NL/min safely from water and is designed to enable and improve hydrogenation while increasing lab safety by replacing hazardous Hydrogen cylinders – says rdworldonline.com.

The reactor was developed by the cooperation of ThalesNano Energy Ltd and the University of Szeged. In October, their product was chosen to be one of the most technologically significant products of the year in the world and received the R&D Top 100 (USA) award – szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu reported. H-Genie is currently the only lab reactor on the market in which Hydrogenis generated

with the help of a patented electrolytic technology

enabling to produce the hazardous gas even under a pressure of 100 bars. The equipment provides a unique opportunity to work with the gas safer in the labs than ever and offers multiple chemical uses, as well.

The founders of the company, CEO Richard Jones, scientific advisor Prof. Csaba Janáky and dr. Ferenc Darvas, President of the firm, highlighted that, of course, it was an honour to receive the prestigious award. There are only a few non-US companies that received it, and they are the second Hungarian firm that got it ever. They added that H-Genie has been very successful since it was introduced in 2018 and

it is already used in many countries in every part of the world.

Furthermore, it is only the first of the many other technologies they would like to enter the market in the future. They are in a partnership with the University of Szeged, and currently, they are working on finding more adaptations for their new technology. For example, they would like to use it to transform Carbon dioxide into other valuable materials not only on Earth but also in the space.

ThalesNano Ltd is a member of the Darholding group, which is, at the moment, Central Europe’s biggest network of innovative companies. Darholding has interests in space research, too, and they aim to put their chemical reactors in the space.

Source: szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu, rdworldonline.com

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