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This year, three Hungarian companies got featured on the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 list which ranks the fastest developing associations and companies of Central-Europe. To be featured on the list, these companies needed to earn a 432% income-increase or more.

Forbes reported that on the list ranking 50 companies, the Hungarian Dyntell got the 6th place with a 2537% increase. The company deals with corporate governance (ERP systems) and with its development. Dyntell has more than a hundred clients in Hungary and other countries as well. The iERP system, developed by the company, is the newest generation of the concept of leadership, which was born by uniting corporate systems and business intelligence.

This is the reason for the company’s name, which is a combination of the words dynamic and intelligent.

The 43d place was earned by Supercharge which has been featured in this list before. This year, the company made a 485% increase. Supercharge was established in 2010, and besides Budapest, the leadership has an office in London as well.

The company develops and creates mobile applications for big companies like OTP Bank, Santander Bank, Deutsche Telekom or NetPincér.hu’s (online food delivery) brand called Delivery Hero.

The third Hungarian company which got featured among the best fifty is Gremon Systems. The company offers innovative computer solutions for gardening companies putting a significant emphasis on glasshouses. The company was established by the University of Szeged six years ago. Their offers help gardening companies to find the most beneficial investments and business-related matters.

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A Hungarian start-up company is the new favourite of Apple

Dóra Pálfi’s start-up company called Imagilabs does not just provide electronic devices for young women to learn to program but at the same time builds an active community. To invest in their unique app, the Imagicharm, she not only got money from donations but at the same time co-operates with several multinational companies and a Swedish pop star.


Source: www.forbes.hu

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