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Breath-taking lakes, centuries-old trees, romantic stairs that lead to the Danube – these are some of the things that will enchant you in the most beautiful parks of the country. collected 10 Hungarian parks you should definitely visit 🙂

Nobody will be bored at Margaret Island, a park “built” on the Danube

The Margaret Island is one of the biggest and oldest parks in Budapest, where several sport, entertainment facilities and restaurants welcome both children and adults wishing to relax. The island has been a unique spectacle for centuries. It is the beloved spot of both Budapest dwellers and tourists, because this is where the city’s most popular running track, beach, zoo and musical fountain can be found.

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Magical environment in the Jókai Park of Siófok

The Jókai Park is the most patinated region of Siófok, because there was once a famous horse racecourse in its place. This park is still one of the most popular destinations at Lake Balaton, but it’s not the home of excitements anymore, it offers relaxation instead. You can walk among incredible flowers and trees, and enjoy the beauty of the Japanese and landscape gardens. Kids are welcomed with a playground, while parents can have fun at the chess tables.


The combination of nature and culture in the Zsolnay District of Pécs

The Zsolnay Cultural District executed in 2011 is not only the cultural centre of Pécs, but the whole country. It welcomes visitors with monuments and a park full of stunning plants. Besides walking in the garden and participating in outdoor events, all age groups can find something to do in the district. For instance, children can enjoy the shows of the puppet-theatre, while adults can choose from several great museum exhibitions.


The park and lake system of Miskolctapolca

Miskolctapolca’s fantastic park and lake system have been the pearls of the city for 80 years. This special region was formed in the place of the onetime Árpád era abbey. The park rich in unique plant species is mainly dwelled by birds. You can go for a walk, take a bicycle ride, feed ducks or have a picnic on the six hectares of this magical environment. There are several restaurants on the brink of the park, not to mention that this is also the location where the famous Cave Bath of Miskolctapolca is located.


Charmed garden experience in the ancient park of Parádfürdő

Parádfürdő, lying in the Parád-Tarna Valley of the Mátra Mountains, is known for its thermal water and huge ancient park. The 10 hectare region is one of the biggest walking parks in the country, where you can completely switch off from everyday stress. You can wander under special trees like maple-trees, red oak-trees and various fruit trees. The twittering of birds completes the whole experience. You’ll feel like Alice in Wonderland.


The Helikon Park of Keszthely, the onetime meeting point of muses

In the 17 hectare Helikon Park, you can stroll among the rows of centuries-old plane, horse-chestnut, cherry, linden, beech, oak, willow and pine trees. The park, which used to be the property of the Festetics family, is the home of the Helikon Monument, where several literary events were held in the past one hundred years. Moreover, you can admire the statues of famous Hungarians related to Keszthely, like composer Béla Bartók.


The ultimate family getaway in the Nagyerdő Park of Debrecen

Nagyerdő Park, lying few minutes away from the city centre of Debrecen, becomes a popular destination as soon as spring kicks in. One of the most visited parts of the park is Lake Békás and its fountain. Those who want to relax can rest on the pier or indulge in daydreams on the promenades, while those who want to do some sports can go running or cycling. Meanwhile, kids can have a blast at the 600 m2 playground and its animal toys.


Ancient trees enrich the Esterházy Castle Park of Pápa

When in Pápa, make sure to visit the 100 hectare landscape-garden behind the Esterházy Castle. The region used to be the exclusive game park of aristocrats and common people weren’t allowed inside. Even though the park, referred to as the Castle Garden by locals, has become smaller with time, the special atmosphere is still ensured by ancient trees like ash, maple, beech, chestnut and red pine trees.


Unmatched panorama from the park of Vác

The Danube walk of Vác has been one of the symbols of the city since medieval times. Most of the region has been landscaped throughout time, thus providing an ideal location for relaxation, walks and picnics. Children can have fun at the playground, while couples can share romantic moments on the stairs that lead down to the river. The panorama of the mountains on the other side of the river is breath-taking from the walk.


The incredible rose-garden of Verseghy Park in Szolnok

The park named after poet Ferenc Verseghy lies along the walk of River Tisza and is one of the symbols of the city with its colourful flower gardens, small fountains and stone statutes. It’s an ideal location for an afternoon spent outdoors, because kids can run around while parents relax in the mesmerising smell of roses. The rosarium has been a beloved spot in the heart of the city for almost one hundred years.


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