heroes' square

What do people Google about Hungary? – Video

When you go to a foreign country, one of the first things you probably do is Google it in terms of...
mark wiens fisherman soup

Hungarian Fisherman’s soup as Europe’s spiciest food?! – Video

The peasants of Hortobágy gave us goulash, fishermen gave us

An Audi drove into a locked subway and sank in Hungary

The Kecskeméti TV made an educational video about why you should not drive into a closed tunnel after heavy...
storm in hungary

Huge storm sweeps across Hungary – PHOTOS, VIDEOS

This year's summer started somewhat capriciously to say the least. A huge drift combined with hailstorm swept across...

Hungarian success at the Moscow International Foto Awards!

Hungarian photographer Adrienn Vincze has been the most successful Hungarian contestant in the Moscow...
good night nature

Good night from Hungary!

Ground fog near Sóshartyán (North Hungary) at dawn on June 1, 2020. Good night! [caption...
space earth

Stunning photo of Budapest from the International Space Station

An amazing picture was taken of the illuminated Budapest from the
danube bend

The Danube Bend turns green! – VIDEO

The Időkép weather service made an impressive time lapse of the Danube Bend. Here you can see,...
wine explanation video

Hungarian wine regions explained: Yield such an alcohol!

Hungary's wine regions produce such iconic beverages as the
alma imgur

Hungarian word of the day!

The following map combines the love for the Hungarian language and food. Well, at least for fruits. The...