fire in szentendre
Photo: MTI/Lakatos Péter

The roof of the Spar store in Szentendre caught on fire on Wednesday evening. According to the disaster management report, the fire broke out in the warehouse part of the store found on Dunakanyar Boulevard. Firefighters were called to the scene.

According to an eyewitness account (Index), everything was still calm at 19:10 in the evening, but a quarter of an hour later, the whole building was on fire and the smoke covered everything all the way to the Danube bank.

The flames were extinguished from the outside after 9 pm, after which firefighters focused on the inside of the building.

Nearly 70 professional and volunteer firefighters were involved in the extinguishing.

According to the city’s official Facebook page, there was only one personal injury, and fortunately, it was a minor injury: someone got smoke poisoning; his condition is not severe, but he was taken to hospital. Neither the nearby gas station nor the neighbouring DM building was in danger.


The mobile laboratory for disaster management also arrived at the scene and found that no dangerous substances harmful to the population were released into the air, added the deputy spokesman of the Pest County Disaster Management Directorate.

A szentendrei SPAR ezekben a percekben…

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