Budapest parliament winter Danube
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Parliament is holding a two-week cycle starting with six plenary meetings and final votes scheduled for Tuesday.

The plenary session on Monday will begin at 1 pm with addresses followed by the oath-taking of Róbert Dudás of the conservative Jobbik party, who is replacing Ádám Mirkóczki, a mayor-elect.

Monday’s schedule includes a vote on Tünde Handó, a constitutional court judge nominee who is the outgoing head of the National Judicial Office.

On Tuesday, final votes will be held on the final report assessing the 2018 central budget and the State Audit Office‘s final report evaluating 2018.

A final vote is also scheduled on the new draft law on vocational training.

Under the proposal modelled after an Austrian law, students will get to choose whether they want to study at a technical institute or a vocational school.

On Wednesday, lawmakers will discuss nine proposals including amendments to the law on the status of MPs, as well as changes to house rules.

On Thursday, the government’s proposal to simplify the operation of government offices in Budapest and in counties, and an amendment to the Public Education Act will be on the agenda.

On Friday, lawmakers will discuss financial proposals, including the implementation of tax measures under Hungary’s competitiveness programme.

The cycle will end with a plenary on Nov. 25.

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