State Audit Office


Audit Office finds opposition parties received illegal campaign financing

ASZ's report notes that the investigation had to be undertaken because accepting donations from abroad is illegal under Hungarian law. #ÁSZ #StateAuditOffice #Hungarianpolitics

Jobbik leader: Party not involved in unlawful foreign campaign donation affair

"It turns out from the report that Jobbik has accounted for its 2022 campaign spending down to the last penny," Márton Gyöngyösi said

ÁSZ head: Opposition parties’ fine over foreign campaign financing ‘as yet undecided’

ÁSZ has the right and obligation to define the amount the parties had received in unlawful party financing... #DailyNewsHungary #Hungary #Hungarianopposition #StateAuditOffice

Hungarian State auditor: Report delayed on suspicion of illegal campaign financing

Hungary's state auditor has had to delay its report on the campaign financing of parliamentary parties owing to doubts over...

Hungarian opposition financed from abroad?

The head of the State Audit Office has launched an investigation into the foreign campaign donations received by the left-wing opposition #Hungary #Hungarian #opposition #dailynewshungary #StateAuditOffice

Hungarian parliament elects State Audit Office head

Lawmakers on Monday elected László Windisch head of the State Audit Office (ÁSZ):

Economic committee hears candidate for Hungarian State Audit Office head

"I want to build a modern, professional, central watch-dog and consultant organisation,"

Hungary higher education becoming more competitive, says audit office

"The number of computer science graduates is up by 12 percent" - #ÁSZ

Over two-fifths of Hungarians say audit office lacks independence – Survey

"State auditor of being a main pillar of PM Orbán's rule and a weapon used against his opponents" - #Liberals

PM Orbán gives international press conference: US-Iran conflict, migration, climate change, EPP

"Climate change is important but expensive" - PM Orbán

Hungarian parliamentary business over the next 2 weeks

#Hungary's parliament is holding a two-week cycle:

Opposition parties call for probe into alleged graft linked to Borkai

"If Borkai is guilty he must not get away by simply resigning his post"

Hungarian parliament to vote on chief prosecutor, Handó’s Constitutional Court membership

The first day of #Hungarian #parliament's next session will start at 1pm #today

Opposition leftist DK calls for state audit of Győr municipal finances

#Borkai was reelected as the mayor of #Győr on October 13 after sex video involving him was leaked to the press

Hungarian central bank: Deficit target realistic if reserves not depleted

Lawmakers are scheduled to vote on next year's budget on Friday! #Hungary #budget

Hungarian Audit Office sees room for gradual personal income tax rate cut

Good news! The current economic conditions allow for a further reduction of the #personal #income #tax in two or three steps"

Hungarian Audit Office: 2020 budget to promote ‘sustainable whitening’ of economy

"Currently high economic growth offered an opportunity to prepare for periods of potential downturn"

Jobbik: Fidesz is “only corps organising immigration” in Hungary

"The #government bases its #policy on hate and fearmongering" #Hungary #migration #Jobbik

Marching towards a dictatorship, says Jobbik deputy leader

Will we go even further; to the point where we were in the 1950s? - #Jobbik MP Gyöngyösi #hungary #politics

Opposition parties criticise Orbán’s state-of-the-nation address – UPDATE

Opposition parties criticised PM Orbán's state-of-the-nation address and challenged him on the state of democracy #lmp #jobbik #momentum #mszp #dk #liberals