demonstration in győr
Photo: MTI/Krizsán Csaba

Parties of the opposition on Wednesday welcomed the resignation of Győr mayor Zsolt Borkai but called for investigations into “corruption-suspect” cases under his tenure.

Conservative Jobbik’s parliamentary group said in a statement that Borkai’s resignation, announced earlier in the day, had come late as he should have resigned immediately after a scandal broke out around a leaked video footage with openly sexual content featuring the mayor and one of his associates.

According to Jobbik,

Győr’s new mayor and municipal assembly must work with the authorities and “investigate all transactions suspicious of graft and linked to Borkai and his attorney friend”.

The Socialist Party called for a probe into the allegations against Borkai “to reveal if he has in fact stolen billions from his city”. “If he is guilty he must not get away by simply resigning his post,” the Socialists added.

Párbeszéd said in a Facebook entry that Borkai should have resigned immediately “rather than wait over one month” until his “hypocritical, corrupt” Fidesz party realised that “some things will in fact have consequences”.

The Momentum Movement proposed a preselection of opposition candidates for an interim mayoral election.

They argued that the procedure increases election participation and strengthens democracy.

Democratic Coalition spokesman Balázs Barkóczi had earlier called on the State Audit Office and the police to launch a probe into “suspicious” dealings in Győr.

The Audit Office turned down the appeal “with an empty excuse”, he said afterwards.

Source: mti

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