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Over the last 24 hours an anonymous blogger released sex photos and videos of Fidesz Győr mayor Zsolt Borkai. The blog, which is called ‘The Devil’s lawyer’ (Az Ördög ügyvédje in Hungarian), has made serious accusations over the past few days about the Olympic champion-turned-politician and his lawyer Zoltán Rákosfalvy.

As index.hu reported, the blogger accused them of corruption and using laundered money to organise a cruise on the Adriatic Sea, where they used illegal substances and hired prostitutes.  However, based on information from 24.hu, so far no evidence has been released regarding this.

The posts on the blog started coming on Friday. The first post seemed innocent; it just saw Borkai and Rákosfalvy relaxing in the company of women on a yacht. However, the photo released on Saturday depicted Borkai committing a sexual act with a blonde woman. Despite her face being covered, it is clear that it is the same woman who was in the photos released on Friday.

On Sunday morning a 12 second video of the sexual act was released. The video is believed to have been taken by the sixth member of the group – a black-haired woman – who took the photo on Saturday as well.

The author of the blog claims that the whole Adriatic trip, which took place during Pentecost, is documented. He or she claims that more information will be shared, including Borkai taking cocaine and other material that “Borkai knows about”.

Borkai has refused to comment to the press, he only said a sentence about the opposition’s pathetic campaigning and lies.

He cancelled a campaign rally on Saturday and posted a family photo on his Facebook page captioned “We stand by. For better or worse”.

Borkai family photo posted on Saturday. Source: https://www.facebook.com/borkaizsoltgyor/

The drama is set to continue…



Source: index.hu, 24.hu

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