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Borkai on TV. Source: ATV Magyarország Youtube Channel

Yesterday we reported that explicit photos and sex videos were released of Győr mayor Zsolt Borkai by an anonymous blogger. He released a statement on Monday apologising for his actions, but he will not resign as he did not commit anything illegal.

The blogger also accused Borkai and his lawyer of corruption, money laundering and using public funds for private expenses, for example going on a yacht cruise on the Adriatic Sea and hiring prostitutes.  

As written by, in a statement on Győrplusz TV – which was then broadcasted nationally by ATV – Borkai admitted that the contents of the videos and blogs were “partially true” and he deeply apologises to his family. However, he claimed that the posts were “manipulated” and his trips were not funded by public money. In addition, Borkai has affirmed he did not take any illegal substances – such as cocaine as claimed by the blogger – during the cruise. announced that on Sunday around midday the blog became inaccessible, however, in a post on Monday afternoon reported that a new blog was created by the anonymous user to continue leak information on Borkai: ezazordogugyvedje

The blogger believes that the blocking of the WordPress page is a “poor attempt to silence me. There is another”.

Borkai went on to claim that the opposition parties are doing anything within their means to oust him from his position.

He confirmed he will continue to campaign to renew his term as mayor as “Győr has performed remarkably under my leadership” and “I did not commit anything illegal. The citizens of Győr will have the opportunity to vote on whether to continue the work we started together 13 years ago” he concluded.

It will be interesting to see whether more information will be leaked from the blogger or will the new blog be blocked again.

The VIDEO in Hungarian: 

Swimmer Kenderesi was accussed of committing sexual harrassment in South Korea this summer. Last month a woman was sexually assaulted in broad daylight in Budapest.


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