Woman in Hungarian prison with severe allergies given bread and lard to eat, loses 13 kgs

A woman with severe allergies has dropped down to 43 kilograms in prison because they could not provide her with proper meals.

Is Hungary safe? Here is the updated crime map

Bodily harm, fraud, drunk driving, theft, etc. #crime #police #map #useful

Alleged drug dealer detained with FBI help in Vértesszőlős

FBI helped catch alleged Hungarian criminal in Vértesszőlős. Details below. #fbi #police #drug #crime

Foreigner tried to smuggle 11kg of marijuana to Hungary

Police apprehended him at Röszke - here are the details. #police #röszke #border #serbia #kosovo #marijuana

Shocking attack: Bus driver stabbed while driving in Hungary

The victim had previously reported to his employer that a disorderly person had threatened to cut his throat. #bus #drive #crime #attack

Hungarian policeman committed multiple bank robberies sometimes dressed as a woman

Who would have thought that a policeman robbed banks in his free time, wearing a skirt and straw hat? #police #crime #robbery

Stricter Child Protection Laws: authorities crack down on paedophiles and sex offenders in Hungary

Increasing the protection of children from sexual abuse was the aim of the Hungarian Parliament:

Charges brought against 13 Hungarian and Romanian members of human trafficking gang

The ring led by a Romanian man arranged for the transport of foreigners first by plane to Serbia and smuggled them later on in vans through Hungary and Austria to final destinations in western Europe. #smuggling #Austria #Romania #Serbia #Europe

Exclusive VIDEO: Police action in downtown Budapest – UPDATED with police response

Daily News Hungary has reached out to the Budapest Police Headquarters for comment. #Budapest #police #crime #video

PHOTOS: Bomb threat in popular Budapest mall

Bomb threat in the heart of Budapest. #budapest #crime #bombthreat #evacuation #bomb #mall #westend

German defendant in ‘antifa case’ sentenced to 22 months in prison

Antifa attacks in Budapest: the German perpetrator could be released soon:

Criminal complaint filed against Hungarian President Sulyok

Sulyok "knowingly violated his oath as a Constitutional Court judge and acted serving the interests of an Austrian land mafia company," Klára Dobrev said. #President #court #criminal #crime

Hungarian President Sulyok called to resign over alleged involvement in crimes

President Tamás Sulyok was allegedly involved in crimes related to the illegal sale of Hungarian farmland. #President #crime #farmland

School bomb threat in India: Threat sent from IP address linked to Budapest

India's authorities were able to trace the bomb threat to Budapest, but there is a Russian connection:

Romanian predator brutally battered 20-year-old Hungarian girl to death!

Here are the shocking details. #Romania #London #uk #police #crime #murder

Orbán said ‘We trust Fico’s recovery’, but was misinformed about the attacker

Orbán said he trusts that Slovakian PM Fico will recover. However, he claimed that a "leftist activist" had attempted to assassinate Fico, although this was disproved and it turned out that the attacker was anything but "leftist". #Fico #Slovakia #Orbán

Fico assassination attempt: Hungarian government shocked – UPDATE

Péter Szijjártó, the foreign minister, has called Wednesday's shooting of Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico "shocking and appalling". #RobertFico #Slovakia #crime

Antifa activist in Hungary to be released on bail

A Budapest appeals court ruled to release the primary defendant in the "antifa case" into criminal supervision on bail of EUR 16 million (EUR 42,000). #antifa #crime #court #Budapest

Frightening: Bomb threats and evacuations in several schools in Hungary

See here which schools across the country were affected by the bomb threats.

Brutal attack in Budapest: One man stabbed in the neck with a knife

The big fight broke out on Saturday afternoon at a busy Budapest location. #crime #knife #Budapest