Audit Office finds opposition parties received illegal campaign financing

ASZ's report notes that the investigation had to be undertaken because accepting donations from abroad is illegal under Hungarian law. #ÁSZ #StateAuditOffice #Hungarianpolitics

Hungarian Socialists afraid of political disappearance

Ágnes Kunhalmi, co-leader of the opposition Socialists proposed setting up a joint list for EP elections. #socialists #EuropeanParliament #parliament #elections #municipalelections

Here is what PM Orbán did not talk about in his State of the Nation speech

Viktor Orbán has "failed to address the cardinal question: why the accomplice of a paedophile was granted a presidential pardon," DK said. Do you agree with them? #Orbán #stateofthenation #opposition

Hungarian socialists urge opposition to unite

"Opposition voters do not blame cooperation itself for the election fiasco of 2022, but the quality of that cooperation," Bertalan Tőth added. #socialists #Hungariansocialists #Fidesz #EP

Socialists strive for a Hungary of close-knit communities

Kata Tüttő said the Socialists had "brought Hungary into the EU" and now it was working to make sure it stayed in the bloc. #socialists #EuropeanUnion

Hungarian Socialists call on govt to develop fixed track transport rather than buying airport

The opposition Socialists #MSZP have called on the government to use central budget resources on an overall development of fixed track transport in Hungary

Socialists: the public gas supplier cannot temporarily “steal” its customers’ money

#MSZP: "Your money is being used for free by the "Fidesz state" for months"

Here is the Great Agreement? This is how opposition wants to defeat Orbán in Budapest

The opposition Democratic Coalition (DK), Socialist and Párbeszéd parties have concluded cooperation agreements - will that be enough? #opposition #DK #Socialists #Párbeszéd #Momentum #Budapest

Hungarian opposition parties mark 1956 anniversary

"Today Budapest is ruled by a government that receives its orders from Moscow"

Socialists: Orbán government is a “charlatan”

Socialists MP Komjáthi called on the government to "finally stand by Hungarian workers" instead of "serving big business" #Socialists #government

Hungarian socialists urge broad rail upgrades over state’s airport purchase

László Varga called on the government to reconsider its plans and embark on a broad upgrade of the country's rail network. #socialists #rail #Hungariangovernment

Hungarian Socialists call on govt to get a grip on inflation

The Socialist politician called on the government to reach a quick agreement with the European Commission to unblock the country's EU funds. #EUfunding #Hungariangovernment #Socialists

EUR billions at stake: Hungarian government must reach agreement with the EU by 30 September

The opposition Socialist Party calls on the government to reach an agreement with the European Commission by September 30 #government #Socialists #EU #EuropeanUnion #EuropanCommission

Hungarian opposition calls for west-facing orientation

Opposition parties called on the government to strengthen European values and Hungary's west-facing orientation on the national holiday of 20 August. #opposition #europe #values

Railway lines will reopen in Hungary?

Socialists on Friday called on minister of construction and transport János Lázár to reverse the recent closure of numerous lines #railway #Socialists

Here is how the government wants to kill workers’ unions

The Socialist Party has criticised a government bill changing the way trade union membership fees are deducted from wages #Socialists #tradeunion #government

Free public access to Lake Balaton beaches around the corner?

Mayors around Lake Balaton charge bathers to use the lake citing maintenance costs, wages, and other expenses. #balaton #beach

Hungarian children in danger?

Socialists urge the government to take "real measures" to protect children in the light of cases of abuse becoming more frequently #family #children #government #Socialists

Parliament did not vote about Sweden’s NATO accession

In the absence of the governing parties, the special session of parliament initiated by the opposition lacked a quorum. #parliament #dailynewshungary

Hungarian socialists call for regulating liability insurance for polluting plants

In the current legal environment, with the proliferation of battery plants, "neither the environment, not employees are safe", Zita Gurmai said. #Socialists