State Audit Office


Leftist opposition calls for Hungarian State Audit Office chief’s dismissal

State Audit Office led by László Domokos, a former lawmaker of ruling Fidesz

Jobbik launches signature drive for ‘slave law’ repeal

"#Jobbik would continue to fight for its survival as the last remaining defender of #democracy" - #MP Z.Kárpát #hungary #hungarian #politics #referendum #labourcodeamendment

Jobbik to convene congress over Audit Office fine

"Those who rule the #country today are punishing #Jobbik because they fear that, according to the #polls, the party could have up to four MEPs elected to serve in #Brussels"

Second strongest political party Jobbik to be eliminated by the State Audit Office?

#Jobbik was #fined for more than 900 M #HUF (#EUR 3 million) which can cause the elimination of the #party soon. #Hungary #Hungarian #politics #government #protests #nationalresistance #peoplesparty

Hungarian state auditor: 2016/17 ruling party finances in order

#Fidesz reported income of 1.84 billion forints (EUR 5.8m) #ász

The Hungarian State Audit Office continues to financially undermine the Opposition?

With the upcoming EP campaign, three parties have been put into an extremely difficult situation #hungary #hungarian #jobbik #momentum #párbeszéd

Anti-corruption fight successful in Hungary, says Interior Minister

"Preventive #measures are up to #standard in #international #comparison as well" #Hungary #corruption

Political parties afoul of funding rules will get less state money from July

Several parties received unlawful monies #Hungary #StateAuditOffice #politics #party #money #support

Jobbik to turn to Strasbourg court over state auditor fine

#Jobbik group leader called the more than EUR 2.1m fine levied on the party "unlawful" #hungary #hungarian

Public prosecutor calls State Audit Office’s bluff: Jobbik committed no unlawful act

In its press release issued last October, the State Audit Office claimed it turned to the Public Prosecutor to prove that Jobbik refused to cooperate during the audit process

Jobbik to field candidates in all constituencies

"Jobbik will run independently with the aim of replacing the government"

Jobbik: State Audit Office violates law

The case is far from over

Opposition DK refuses to pay Audit Office fine

The National Audit Office (ÁSZ) has punished six opposition parties!

Audit office sends audit draft reports to six Hungarian parties

"It seems that everything is fine with Fidesz, but LMP is one of the biggest obstacles to democracy"

Details of the ongoing investigation into Jobbik over party financing

The State Audit Office (ÁSZ) cannot take into consideration the political implications of its investigations, László Domokos, the head of the office, told news portal Origo […]

Jobbik stages demonstration at Fidesz headquarters

"It is not by accident that Viktor Orbán always pretends to be a freedom fighter while in reality he is stealing our freedom as a petty and coward thief" - Gábor Vona

Vona: Jobbik starts crowdfunding campaign to pay fine

Ruling #Fidesz "wants to sweep away the only enemy that has stayed on its feet" - Gábor Vona (#Jobbik)

Manifesto for the Hungarian Democracy by Jobbik

"#F​i​desz wants to eliminate us, the largest opposition party​ ​by administrative means, through the government controlled State Audit Office (ÁSZ), which is headed by a former Fidesz MP" - #Jobbik

Jobbik group leader: party run in next election ‘doubtful’

The group leader argues that the accusation made against them constitutes an act of clearing them away from the upcoming elections

Audit Office: Hungary utilising EU funds ‘more regularly, efficiently’

"#Hungary observes the rules more closely and has become more efficient in using #EU funding than in the previous budgeting cycle between 2007-2013"