State Audit Office


Opposition leftist DK calls for state audit of Győr municipal finances

#Borkai was reelected as the mayor of #Győr on October 13 after sex video involving him was leaked to the press

Hungarian central bank: Deficit target realistic if reserves not depleted

Lawmakers are scheduled to vote on next year's budget on Friday! #Hungary #budget

Hungarian Audit Office sees room for gradual personal income tax rate cut

Good news! The current economic conditions allow for a further reduction of the #personal #income #tax in two or three steps"

Hungarian Audit Office: 2020 budget to promote ‘sustainable whitening’ of economy

"Currently high economic growth offered an opportunity to prepare for periods of potential downturn"

Jobbik: Fidesz is “only corps organising immigration” in Hungary

"The #government bases its #policy on hate and fearmongering" #Hungary #migration #Jobbik

Marching towards a dictatorship, says Jobbik deputy leader

Will we go even further; to the point where we were in the 1950s? - #Jobbik MP Gyöngyösi #hungary #politics