Breaking news! Croatia top court affirms prison sentence for MOL chief Hernádi – UPDATE

One of Hungary's most influential businessmen sentenced to 2 years in prison in Croatia #corruption #mol #ina

Minister: Hungary stands with Poland against the EU

Poland Hungary democracy
He also criticizes the #EU saying that it was the European Parliament was an extremist organization. #Hungary #Hungarian #government #Poland #politics #diplomacy #dailynewshungary

Hungary’s top court rejects claims that immunity certificates are discriminatory

vaccination immunity certificate_hungary
The court received some 1,000 individual complaints in the matter since the pass was first issued:

Appeals court sentences IS member to life imprisonment in Hungary

hassan f syrian
Appeals court sentenced Syrian national Hassan F. to life imprisonment for crimes against humanity committed as a member of the Islamic State #ISIS terrorist organisation

Bosnian human smugglers sentenced in Hungary

Bosnian human smugglers sentenced in Hungary
🇧🇦🇭🇺 Two Bosnian nationals have been sentenced in a fast-track procedure, details:

Hungarian justice min: EU institutions must respect national identities

"EU membership does not mean that the Court of Justice of the European Union can overrule national constitutions," - Varga said 🇪🇺↔️🇵🇱🇭🇺 #poland #constitution #eu #europe #hungary #dailynewshungary