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Photo: www.facebook.comRoguex Studios

Ever since the curfew was introduced due to the coronavirus epidemic, we have become accustomed to the otherwise crowded streets of Budapest being as empty as ever.

Those who put down work late at night and head home most of the time meet no one else on the streets or on public transportation. It is still a weird feeling to get on and off a five-car subway train or the world-record-long CAF tram alone.

A year ago, Roguex Studios made a video about the empty streets of Budapest, which made the rounds on Hungarian news portals such as Index. Since then, they have been working on a simulation video created using visual effects to show what the capital would be like at the time of an even more deadly virus or a complete lockdown if a full-day curfew were to take effect.

Take a look at how scary this would be.

Curfew restrictions have been in place for quite some months now (especially if we add last year as well), so it is understandable that people miss their normal lives. Last year, the Hungarian telecommunications company, Telekom, decided to take us on an unusual 24-hour virtual walk in the capital as part of a full-day, non-stop Slow TV broadcast.

Check out the videos HERE if you miss the streets of Budapest.

Source: www.index.hu

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