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According to, the Hungarian inventors of the smart surgical knife, the wheelchair navigation application, and the hand hygienic tool are all listed on the illustrious New Europe 100 list.

The list includes application developers, the starters of social initiations and the inventors of projects, technologies which effectively support the consumers of Europe and the whole world. The list is both about people and their big ideas, about those who, with their courage for innovation, new-tech expertise, unique skills, and social outreach, are having a global impact.

The list was put together for the third time this year, when ten Hungarians made it onto it, which is more than last year’s eight, but still only the fifth best result after the other Visegrád countries and Romania.


The list, which presents 100 figures who play a leading role in the development of the region, was put together by Res Publica in cooperation with the Visegrád Fund, Google, Financial Times and several outstanding institutions of the region.

Hungarians on the list:

  • Tamás Haidegger for designing an effective control and education tool for hand hygiene (CEO, HandInScan)
  • Péter Bodó for creating a community-based accessibility map for wheelchair users (CEO, Route4U)
  • Zsolt Robotka for pioneering the first automated sign language translation solution (Founder & CEO, SignAll)
  • András Pethő for defending democratic institutions and press freedom (Founder & Editor, Direkt36)
  • Zoltán Takáts for inventing a smart knife to fight cancer (Professor of Analytical Chemistry, Imperial College London)
  • Attila Bustya and András Lénárd for holding the world record for drone flight duration (Founders, Spider Drone Security)
  • Anikó Grad-Gyenge for supporting open science (Head of Department of Civil and Roman Law, Károli Gáspár University of the Reformed Church)
  • László Kishonti for making the future smart cars safer (CEO, AdasWorks)
  • Péter Lábody for defending intellectual property (Head of the Copyright Department, Hungarian Intellectual Property Office)
  • Alíz Pocsuvalszki for standing up for those who don’t have a voice (Teacher, Organizer, Activist)
  • Prem Kumar Rajaram for providing free online education on refugees (Academic Director, CEU’s Roma Graduate Preparation Program)

The awarded innovators were chosen according the applications sent in by the partners and the audience. Out of the 300 challengers 49% are in the business category, 30% in society & politics, 11% in science and 10% in media & culture.

The aim of New Europe 100 list is to acknowledge and present creative, innovative ideas which have a positive effect on economy, science, culture and local communities. These ideas are the motors of initiation that can have a global effect and inspire others.


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