Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok County lies in the heart of the Great Hungarian Plain rich in natural wonders. Its seat is Szolnok, which lies at the estuary of River Tisza, 100 kilometres away from Budapest. The city is probably most known for the river, the Theatre of Szigliget, the nursery of artists, basketball, water sports and intact nature. But there are much more reasons to visit Szolnok 🙂

  • Tiszaliget

The woody parkland is the lung of the city and the home of sport and recreational institutions. It’s a real sport centre, where two renovated sport halls, a new football stadium, tennis courts, a water polo arena, a squash centre, hotels and beaches welcome sport lovers.

  • Rose garden believes that having such a huge green zone in the heart of the city as the Verseghy Park is quite a unique spectacle. Rozárium, lying behind the county-hall, is the home of Hungarian autochthon rose species. These are special, decorative species, which are most common in plant-breeder settlements. It’s a real curiosity to have so many of them at a public place.

  • Mayfly Festival

It is one of the biggest free cultural cavalcades in Central Europe, which traditionally celebrates the magical natural attraction of River Tisza, the blooming of mayflies. The unique spectacle is made even more colourful with diverse programmes, gastro shows, concerts, workshops and sport programmes. The festival will be held between the 13th and 17th of June this year.

  • Mayfly Bridge

The 444 metre long Mayfly Bridge (Tiszavirág-híd) is the emblematic building of Szolnok, which is the longest pedestrian bridge in Central Europe. The huge bridge with outspread wings looks like a mayfly and connects the downtown region with the Tiszaliget recreational centre. The building, inspired by the blooming of mayflies, is the symbol of the city.

  • Széchenyi Park Forest and Ecotouristic Centre, Bagolyvár Game Park

Two thematic exhibitions, a natural scientific and a forestry nature trail were performed in the 125 hectare Park Forest. The nature trails present the flora and fauna of the Great Hungarian Plain, while the Bagolyvár Game Park is the home of Hungarian wild species, domestic animals and pets. Moreover, the country’s biggest outdoor eco playground welcomes visitors all year around.

  • RepTár

It is the biggest aviation historic exhibition in Central Europe, where visitors can learn about aeronautics with the help of the most modern interactive equipment. There’s a 4D cinema and MiG 29 simulators, where you can try flying military planes and helicopters. Adults can enjoy the exhibited aircrafts, while children can have a blast at the thematic playground.

  • Beerarium

Sörárium (Beerarium), found on the main square of Szolnok, presents the gastronomic and cultural history of beer in a unique way. You can learn about beer through interactive exercises and get lost in the world of beer brands in the steampunk atmosphere of the museum. After you’ve found out the secret of beer, you can relax in the restaurant and try amazing craft beers.

  • Water adventures

If you desire some relaxation, look up one of the hotels of Szolnok, because the city’s thermal water is of excellent quality, it’s even great for a drinking cure. But if you’re looking for a different type of water adventure, sign up for a river trip on Tisza to see the city from a new perspective.

  • Fisherman’s soup

The fisherman’s soup from the region of Tisza has been added to the list of Hungarikums recently. If you want to try this authentic dish or other fish courses, visit the Fish Tavern at the corner of Damjanich Street.

  • Mousse isler

The dessert is a curiosity, because it is only made with mousse in Szolnok. It’s the invention of the city, which is quite different from the original Austrian isler. The mousse version was first made with whip by confectioner László Hegedűs. You can try this special dessert in the Marcipán Confectionery.


You can find out more about the city on the official website of Szolnok.

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Source: Top Vidékjáró Utazási Magazin/ Daily News Hungary

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