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A protest to express solidarity with the Central European University, organised by the Momentum Movement, was held with over 1,000 participants in central Budapest on Friday.

As we wrote before, the Central European University (CEU) has said that unless the university can emerge from its current legal limbo in Hungary by December 1, the new student intake for its American accredited masters and doctoral programmes will study at the CEU’s new campus in Vienna. Read more HERE.

Independent lawmaker Bernadett Szél told the event that the government “is afraid of knowledge” and has a problem with the CEU because the university teaches people to think independently instead of “regurgitating ready-made answers”.

Those in power have named the “Soros network” as an enemy, yet such a network does not even exist,

she said.

Momentum Movement leader Andras Fekete-Győr told the crowd that

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán uses “the language of brute force” and “will run over everyone who stay silent”.

Fekete-Győr asked leaders in higher education, health care and public education to join forces, and promised that Momentum would support them.

Source: MTI

  1. Most of Soro’s paid protesters must have been unavailable or he would have fielded a larger group. No matter, we know who Soro’s is and what he represents.

  2. If CEU represents “Academic Freedom” in Hungary, wouldn’t, perhaps, 1 or 2 of the 400-plus Faculty be pro-Fidesz?

  3. This is like the movie “Independence Day” where nobody believed the Aliens were dangerous, and then the several hundred greeted them on top of the high rise. The Large saucer moved over them and sent down a large lightning bolt blowing them all up. Sure wonder if Soros had a large saucer, what he would do? Not!

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