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According to Index.hu, Zsaru Magazine wrote an interesting story, where a less comforting turn happens. On January 11 night, a 17 year-old has been found by the police next to the Road 5, in the near of the Roszke border crossing.

The girl crouched next to the ditch. She was barefoot, holding the shoes in her hands. She wore a thin jacket. She was shaking, crying and speaking German.

The police suspected kidnapping. They made her sit in the car, spread a blanket on her and asked for an interpreter from the emergency department. She claimed she was placed from Dusseldorf against her will a couple of days ago, she was detained at a nearby farm and she did not know what they wanted from her. The girl’s data was confirmed by the German authorities for the German guest officer residing in the police. It turned out that her name was Michelle Annegret T, Index.hu says.

After that, the Hungarian policemen went with the girl to the farm, where she claimed she was detained. They surrounded the building and ordered the occupants to surrender.
From inside, a woman calmly and politely answered then opened the door. She said to the police that the girl had been placed at her by a German foundation, which caters for children coming from dangerous environment. The girl found out that her boyfriend from Germany left her two days ago and she wanted to escape home.

According to Index.hu, the woman indicated the girl’s disappearance to the Hungarian leader of the foundation. They agreed that if the girl did not give any news about herself, they would inform the police.

based on the article of Index.hu
translated by BA

Source: http://index.hu

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