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This year, a total of 1,750 people in masks will chase away winter in Mohács at the annual Busújárás. 50,000-60,000 are expected to attend the event.

The Busójárás of Mohács is the most famous carnival of Hungary. The six-day-long event is starting today, February 20th, and is awaiting people interested with about 80 programs, including dances, exhibitions, and gastronomy, wrote Sokszínűvidék.

1,750 busós of 64 busó groups will put on their costume and entertain the attendees. The carnival will also host the Lajos Schneider Folk Song Singing and Folk Music Talent Competition.

There will be plenty of programs for the little ones as well, such as putting on stage Puss in Boots at the Kossuth movie theatre, while the Dorottya Kanizsai Museum will hold arts and crafts programs.

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busó mask
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An exhibition by those making masks and accessories will open on February 21st. The weekend will offer the most programs, with concerts by Alma, Poklade, Kis Kata Band, or Maszkura Band, among others. The busó groups will do shows. All the while, people will be able to try and taste delicious meals.

On Sunday, busós will row across the Danube, march in the city, put the carnival casket on water, inaugurate new busós, and there will be a huge bonfire, too.


The most important elements of the tradition have not changed. People will put on wooden masks and busó fur coats and wait for spring and chase away the cold winter months with loud cowbells and clappers.


The first known recording of the carnival was in 1783. The legend goes that the people of Mohács, the “sokac” people, went to hide from the Turks on the island of Mohács, put on disguises and went back over the Danube to scare the Turks away with their horrifying masks.

More info about the exact programs and the event can be found on www.mohacsibusojaras.hu and on their Facebook page.

Source: sokszinuvidek.24.hu

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