FINA swimming artistic synchronised

The artistic swimming world series will be hosted from Friday to Sunday in Duna Arena, according to FuHu. Three female athletes will represent Hungary in the solo category of artistic swimming: Szofi Kiss, Luca Rényi and Veronika Szabó.

At a press conference, the association’s manager Bernadett Iker confirmed that the representatives of three teams (BVSC, H2O and Medúza) will participate in the world championship in Hungarian colours.

She also highlighted that the association intended to invite several countries, including the greatest masters of the sport to create a strong competition.

According to her, the Russian, the Ukrainian, the Spanish or the Italian team may provide a fair challenge for the Hungarian athletes. Miss Iker shared her hopes of seeing a tough contest, which will contribute to the development of the Hungarian team.

State secretary of sports Tünde Szabó claimed that artistic swimming is a “modern, dynamic, spectacular” sport and it is important that the world championship hosted in Hungary will help to get it more known by the audience of this country.

The Russian coach of the Hungarian team, Natalia Tarasova mentioned that there are many young athletes in the team, so good results serve as inspiring initial experience — like the recent bronze medal at the world championship in Slovakia. This third place was an important stepping stone, but Tarasova emphasised that she hopes for favourable results in the even more challenging competition in Budapest.

Szofi Kiss counts as a true veteran in the team: she has already participated at the Olympic Games.

She stated that the fact that the Hungarian swimmers brought so favourable results last year at this same venue is motivating her to do her best and repeat the success. She also mentioned that seeing the greatest concurrence training in Duna Arena fills her and her fellow Hungarian swimmers with adrenaline and encourages them to prepare for the challenge.

Luca Rényi claimed that the competition is more difficult in solo because there is no one else to help her catch the attention of the jury; it is easier to execute spectacular moves in pairs. She was training in Duna Arena for long, and she had an opportunity to participate in the national championship there. Rényi hopes that knowing the pool and the encouragement coming from the audience may give her advantage during the contest.

Vice mayor Alexandra Szalay-Bobrovinczky added that last year’s FINA World Championship is still talked about today, which greatly helps to increase the reputation of Hungary as a venue of such events.

Head of the organising committee, Éva Szántó announced that the renewed Duna Arena will be inaugurated this weekend. The stadium’s capacity has been reduced from 12,000 to 5,300 visitors.

It is also worth mentioning that the students of the schools in Angyalföld may attend the world championship for free.

The tickets are available through Eventim.



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