Apart from its amazing tourist attractions, Budapest offers several unique programs that can bring you to the world of virtual reality. Would you like to have breakfast with robots, travel back to medieval times, play Xbox while sipping beer, or enjoy a film in 270° cinema experience? Thanks to the latest technological innovations, you can try all these in the Hungarian capital. Check out five super programs by which you get involved in a VR environment.

Take a trip back in time

Unfortunately, travelling back in time is not possible; however, thanks to VR Tours, we can witness Budapest’s most important historical events. By virtual reality, we can relive the history of Buda Castle, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

During the one-and-half-hour-long sightseeing tour – with the help of special glasses – we can observe in 360° virtual reality as historical wonders come alive, starting from the Middle Ages up to the events of 1956.

An interesting history lesson is guaranteed by this program.

Enjoy arts in a special way

Museum of Fine Arts
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The reopened Museum of Fine Arts is one of the most popular museums in the capital. Apart from the amazing works of art, the imposing building gives place to the special Magic Wall which debuted this January. The Touch Screen LCD wall is considered to be the largest LCD wall in the “world of museums,” consisting of 21 monitors at a length of 15 metres.

The unique entertaining element can be found in the Marble Hall, providing the opportunity to 30-40 visitors at a time to browse interactively in the available database that includes 300 works of art.

Have breakfast with robots

As markamonitor.hu describes, robot fans do not have to go far to gain a unique robotic experience – as Budapest provides a place where they can meet them personally.

Robot waiter - Enjoy Budapest Café
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Thanks to technological innovations, in Enjoy Budapest Café, you can order from robot waiters, who will serve your tasty breakfast, aromatic cup of coffee, or a cool beer. Moreover, you can take selfies with the robot waiters.

Let’s go to a gamer bar

Vault51 - gamer bar
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Vault 51 is one of the largest gamer bars of Budapest where 160 board games can be tried, including the Settlers of Catan or Star Wars Rebellion. While refreshing yourself with local craft beer, you can easily get lost in virtual reality – besides PC games, you can enjoy Xbox and Playstation as well. In addition to these, we cannot miss Super Nintendo either…. So, retro game lovers, attention! Mario is looking forward to meeting you 😉

ScreenX – cinema’s tech experience

In the last few years, cinema experience improved in an incredible way – just think of the fact that not long ago, IMAX or 4DX were also seen as a novelty. Last year, ScreenX technology became available in Hungary as well, which provides 270° cinema experience as,

in addition to the movie screen at the front, two other special screens are placed on the sidewalls of the hall. Thanks to the ‘tricky’ screening method realised by five movie projectors, the film can be enjoyed in panoramic view.

One thing is certain: a unique cinema experience is guaranteed by ScreenX.

Bohemian Rhapsody ScreenX
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Source: markamonitor.hu

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