writes that travelling, special experiences, happy relationships, great acts and financial successes are the most wanted desires of Hungarians based on a survey conducted by Meglepké The online survey featured 4700 people, who wish for both casual and extreme things.

1.Space travel, exotic lands and roaming in Hungary

The bucket list is downright led by travelling, put in the first place by 70% of the respondents. Most people would like to visit unique places like Hawaii, the Bahamas or the Grand Canyon. Besides exotic destinations, many people would like to roam in Hungary, while others would like to see places blocked from civilisation, many others dream of space travel.


2. Unique experience, from parachuting and horse riding on the beach, to eroticism

Special experiences came in second place. 43% of the respondents want to experience something exceptional, like parachuting, rafting, scuba-diving, swimming with dolphins or horse riding on the beach at least once in their life. There’s also a considerable amount of people who’d like to experience something erotic.


“The psychology of experience is very special. Even the planning and the preparation process form part of the experience, which is an intoxicating feeling when it happens. If it’s out of our comfort zone or it’s a long-time-dream, than our self-esteem grows through fulfilment. It will definitely be an unforgettable memory that fills our hearts with joy” says Attila Sashalmi, the manager of Meglepké, Hungary’s first business occupied with experience-gifts. Attila himself is the fan of extreme sports, and he already made many dreams come true.

3. Happy human relationships

The bronze medal goes to happy relationships, with 37% of the answers. Besides happy romantic relationships, relations with family members and friends are also listed. Some people desire love, others want to start a family. Somebody wants to see her foreign girlfriend again, while others want to make up with their loves.


4. Great acts

Special individual achievements are listed in the 4th place of the imaginary bucket list. 27% of respondents desire physical and mental challenges, like running a marathon, climbing up a mountain, or learning something new: a new language, playing a new instrument or dancing.


Another common goal is self-knowledge and spiritual development. Many people want to accomplish El Camino, and there are also people who’d like to become craftsmen, and people who’d like to row across the Atlantic Ocean.

5. Success, money and sparkle

Money is only in the 5th place of the list. 28% of respondents wish for financial success. Most people would make do with financial safety, but others want to be rich or win the lottery. Some people want to purchase new furniture, a new car, or build a passive house. There was one person who would be happy to have a compost pit in the corner of the garden.


Only 11% said that they write down their dreams – on a paper, a notebook, the refrigerator door, a computer or a smart gadget. But it would be worth doing so. 56% of those who wrote down their goals already achieved three points from the list. Only 34% of those who keep their wishes in their heads can tell the same.

The survey showed that true realizers are inspired, helped by their acquaintances. The more someone has achieved, the bigger the role his/her environment’s support played in it. We are mostly inspired by our loved ones, friends and colleagues – in fact, they sometimes surprise us with special knowledge.

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