In building a hotel business, we aspire to be the number one in accommodation and services. Will you let poor and boring lighting ruin that aspiration? Nobody wants poor ratings. Apart from the rooms, the icon of the hotel is the grand chandeliers. It symbolizes luxury and elegance that people seek in hotel accommodations. But lighting is more than just chandeliers, there are other ways to spice up the lighting design of your hotel. 

Give your guests the view of your hotel that will leave them completely beguiled. Here are 6 attractive lighting tips to increase the aesthetic value of your hotel’s public areas!

Start with a Lighting and Ceiling Plan 

To start with a lighting and ceiling plan is the first step in coming up with successful lighting design. You have to imagine what atmosphere you want to build. The lighting plan contains the number and the type of lights needed for your hotel’s public areas. This is where you will know if the number of lights used is enough to light up a certain space. 

The ceiling plan or RCP (Reflected Ceiling Plan) is where you will see the actual location of the lights. This is a detailed plan of the ceiling which explains the features, dimensions, and finishes. It also includes the type of ceiling you want to use. There are a variety of ceiling designs to choose from. But with a hotel’s interior design, they usually use coved, traditional and beam ceiling design. 

Invest in Low-cost Lighting

A hotel is a business for accommodations, dining, and other services for people who are on vacation. All lighting fixtures should be fully functional at all times. Building a business with this rule isn’t always an economical choice to make. In order to maximize your lighting design, investing in low-cost lighting is your best choice. This will give you comprehensive ideas on how do you want the lighting to give life to your hotel’s public areas. 

With the advancement of new technology, LED lights are all over the market.

It’s not as expensive as incandescent lighting and it ensures the safety of your guests too. The LED lights are ensured to be of high-quality. You get the best value for your money with its life span that can last up to 50,000 hours. In addition to all of its benefits, it is known to be customizable. These lights can be found in different shapes, sizes, and colors. 

High-quality LED lights are all over the market. It is a top-selling lighting material because of its environment and budget-friendly features. When it comes to efficiency, LED lights are the top choice. It is free from harmful chemicals and it consumes low energy too. It is flexible for different uses whether indoor or outdoor utilization. The best-LED lights are the solution in spicing up the lighting design of your hotel’s public areas. 

Create Accent Lighting 

Creating accent lighting isn’t rocket science. You have to think of a light design that will be the icon of your hotel. This is more than just utilizing fancy chandeliers. This is about how your lighting fixtures work well with the interior design of your public areas. The accent lighting should exhibit the authenticity of your hotel. What makes it different from other hotels?

Utilize lighting as a part of the whole design and not just for the sake of lighting up a room. 

Accent lighting is similar to an accent wall. In an area or space, there is this lighting design that is different from the others. The accent lighting should have its way of communicating with the guests that this is the right place to enjoy. You can play with different colors, directions, and fixtures. 

Maintain Effective Lighting in All Areas

The hotel’s public areas are where guests congregate to enjoy its facilities.

Effective lighting should be practiced to maximize the time spent in these areas. All areas should be well-lit even the ones frequently visited by the guests. You shouldn’t just focus on the rooms and lobby. As the owner, you have to ensure that all spaces receive the right amount of lighting to be visible. Sufficient lighting is the aid to orientation and direction to the guests. 

Maximize Ambient Lighting 

The common denominator among hotels is its large fenestrations. It’s not just for the sake of design but to acquire ambient lighting. This saves energy during the day since they will maximize the presence of natural light. Imagine the energy saved from morning until afternoon. Most hotels use this chance to give the guests a better view of the place. With the large windows, you can see the overlooking view of the environment. 

Ambient lighting is a way of connecting your guests to the natural environment as much as possible. Some hotels use glass ceilings or glass walls to acquire natural light. This is their way of maximizing what nature has to offer apart from the wonderful view. The sun will be your main source of light during the day. Allow it to illuminate the public spaces of your hotel. It alleviates your electricity costs and at the same time, your guests will enjoy the relaxing view. 


The establishment of lighting design will help in giving life to your hotel’s interior design concept.

It is a way on how to give your guests a stunning view of what to expect upon accommodation. Your lighting design concept is the key to highlighting your hotel’s interior and exterior features. With these six helpful tips, you get to build the ideal hotel atmosphere for your guests to enjoy. 

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