Do you want to get something amazing to eat and drink while exploring the beautiful shores of Lake Balaton?

Luckily, found out for you where the best places are to enjoy a nice meal with an equally nice view.

The Badacsony region and the Saint George’s Mountain on the northern shore of the lake offer excellent restaurants and wineries and are the favourites of many.

The “Laposa experience”

The family operates many different places in Badacsony, which form the “Laposa experience.”


This is the newest addition to the experience. It is only a few minutes of walking both from the train station and the beach, and a great start to a tour of Badacsony.

It is a mixture of modern and retro. The family does the grape processing here, and there is a restaurant, as well as a local history exhibition.

Friss Terasz

Going up the mountain, you can get your first glass of wine or a glass of fröccs at Friss Terasz. The place also hosts many children’s programs and concerts, and the vibe is very relaxed. The terrace serves lángos and hamburgers for those who would prefer not to have a three-course meal at an elegant restaurant.

HERE is your guide to the Hungarian Fröccs.

Szőlőhegy Bisztró

The grape embraces both the terrace and the panorama here. It has a very traditional feel to it, with old, wooden furniture and a furnace. It offers that classic Balaton feeling, except reimagined for the modern man.

Laposa vineyard

The best part is at the highest part of the mountain. The southern side of the mountain gives a beautiful and broad view of the lake, which you may not be able to look away from for a while.

This is the place to sip some wine, maybe get a bite or two of some cheese, and just enjoy nature.


Badacsonytomaj and Borbarátok

If you want to spend a few days on the northern shore of Lake Balaton or want to go on a long hike, be sure to visit Tomaj and its two treasures: Borbarátok Panzió, a guesthouse as well as a winery, and Fata Pince, another winery.

The guesthouse is very cosy, and the breakfast they serve there is excellent. The restaurant and winery’s offer is broad and tasty as well. They emphasise that their wine, HegyBor (MountainWine) is their favourite, and as for food, they love their cottage cheese pasta.


Check out our cottage cheese pasta recipe HERE.

Szigliget and the nearby area

If you have already explored Badacsony, it is worth going to Szigliget and Saint George’s Mountain nearby.

Fort Szigliget can and should be visited each season. It has a heavenly gelato shop at the bottom, as well as a winehouse, where Saxon wines can be tasted. And if you like what you drink, you can visit the winery, Szászi Birtok, which is not far.

Here, you will get another great view of the mountain, and along with the wine, you can pick some great dishes from their menu.














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