A bath experience with the family or a wellness weekend might be good programme ideas for the spring break, but what if you added a little train ride this time? Termalfurdo.hu collected some of the most beautiful forest train routes in the neighbourhood of bath centres.

As spring break arrives families face the problem of coming up with programme ideas that are also enjoyable for kids. Most children love trains and the following journeys lead you through beautiful natural scenes.

Guinness Record-holder train in Budapest

After visiting one of the amazing historic baths of the capital city, you should definitely take a ride on the kids’ train of Széchenyi Hill. The train is a real transport sight in the Buda Hills. Its curiosity is that it is operated by kids, who are supervised by adults. You can enjoy the ride for 45-50 minutes between the two final stations, Széchenyi Hill and Hűvösvölgy. You’ll be surrounded by chittering birds, huge trees and amazing hiking routes. The train made it into the book of Guinness Records in 2015, as the world’s longest train line operated by kids.

The only forest train in a flood-basin

The Gemenc forest train is a real curiosity for people relaxing in Harkány, Siklós or Kaposvár, because it takes you on a special journey from the Pörböly Ecotouristic Centre. This is the only Hungarian forest train going through a flood-basin. The train follows the Danube and Sió in the Gemenc forest. Nowadays it is used to deliver wood, but it also functions as an ecotouristic spectacle. The 30 kilometre long line takes visitors as far as Bárányfok (6 km-s from Szekszárd) and the trains also function in winter. You can complete the experience with a river trip, canoeing, cycling or hiking.

The museum train of Nagycenk

If you happen to be in the north-eastern part of the country, then you should visit Nagycenk, which is mostly known for the Széchenyi Castle, but this time you should focus on the museum train that thrills the lovers of nature and history. The 3.6 kilometre long line was inaugurated in 1972. Near the final stop at Nagycenk, there’s also an open air locomotive museum, where you can learn about onetime Hungarian locomotives and carriages. Keep in mind that this train only functions on weekends.

The ultimate forest train in Szilvásvárad

When relaxing in the baths of Eger, Mezőkövesd or Bogács, make sure to not miss Szilvásvárad. Besides the beautiful stud farm, the peaceful Fátyol Waterfall and the adventurous canopy lines, it welcomes you with probably the cosiest forest train in Hungary. It crosses the centre part of the Bükk Mountains on a 4.5 kilometre long track. The way leads very close to nature, you’re basically within reach of beautiful flowers, trees and small animals watching you from the bushes.

Lillafüred: one of the longest lines

When at the Cave Bath of Miskolctapolca, take a short trip to Lillafüred and ride the amazing forest train, which is a real high-level track: it leads through steep hillsides, special viaducts and tunnels. You can reach many sights with the train, for instance, the palace hotel, the waterfall, the caves of Lillafüred or the ancient smelter of Újmassa. What’s special about the line is that it functions all year around, with heated carriages in winter.

Zsuzsi train leads you through ancient oakwoods

If you happen to be bathing in Debrecen, don’t miss one of the symbols of the city, Zsuzsi, the forest train. The route has been leading people through the most beautiful lands of the region for more than 130 years. Zsuzsi crosses tourist paths, streams, plough fields and ancient oakwoods. It gives you an insight into the characteristic world of farms, sometimes going through green tunnels “formed” by the canopies of trees. Zsuzsi train circulates between Debrecen-Fatelep and Hármashegyalja.

Photos: www.facebook.com/NagycenkiSzéchenyiIstvánmúzeumvasút, Gyermekvasút, LillafürediLibegőpark, Gemencitúrák, Wiki Commons, www.szilvasvarad.info.hu

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