In this incredible heat, everybody wants to spend some time near water. If you aim for a beachy weekend, you do not need to travel all the way to the Balaton region, because Lake Velence is only a stone’s throw away from Budapest, and it is the perfect summer destination!

Lake Velence is especially popular because of its warm water: sometimes it is 26-28 Celsius degrees warm, making it one of Europe’s warmest lakes.

Lake Velence is very easy to reach from the capital, probably the fastest by car (50 km from Budapest), but the train takes only 35 minutes from Kelenföld. Watch the following videos to familiarize yourself with this amazing destination, and to get in that summer spirit.

Wallet-friendly beaches

Lake Velence has many wallet-friendly beaches, including Velence Korzó, Velencefürdő, Gárdony, and Agárd. If you want to learn more about them, read our extensive article on the area’s beaches or watch the video below.

Festival season

Summer is definitely the season of festivals in Hungary. One of the most popular music festivals in the country is EFOTT, which is organised at Lake Velence. During the festival, the area is filled with vibrant young students who come here to enjoy some nice weather, listen to good music and have a good time. EFOTT is also one of the more wallet-friendly festivals in Hungary. The tickets are way cheaper than for the big ones like Sziget or Balaton Sound.



Not far from Lake Velence is Pákozd, one of the most historically important places in Hungary. A victory over the Turks took place here and an important battle of the Hungarian Revolution of 1848. Pákozd is interesting for its historical value and the romantic small streets. Boat trips are very frequent here in the summertime, so you have plenty to choose from here as well.


Summer chill

The southern shore of the lake is a great choice for those interested in hikes. If you’re more into biking, then you’ll have plenty of routes to choose from both if you want to feel like you’re in a road competition or if you want a challenge in the hills. The bicycle road is quite new and the routes offer you great scenery. The Southern region is full of natural wonders, monuments and cultural treasures. It is also great for a chill weekend with your friends: barbequing outside, sunbathing girls, and goofing off with a few cold ones.

Drone shots

Watch these beautiful drone shots of the lake to get in the mood for a visit! The drone takes you along the beach and above the lake.

If you ever wondered what the lake is like after sunset, watch the video below.

Velence Resort & Spa

If you are in the mood for a more luxurious experience, you can always visit Velence Resort & Spa for a relaxing massage and a fine dinner. There is an amazing view of the lake from the resort’s restaurant, which offers both a’ la carte and buffet options.

Featured image: Wikimedia Commons

Source: Daily News Hungary; YouTube

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