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Another sex scandal? – Hungarian rabbis faced with serious allegations

The community denies.

Corruption Perception Index: Hungary still among the most corrupt EU member states

See how your country scored ? #Hungary is not doing too good...

Tension rises – Hungarian caterers decide to reopen despite COVID-19 restrictions

They say that the lockdown bankrupts them. Would you eat in a restaurant nowadays? #Hungary #Hungarian #dailynewshungary #restaurant #bar #reopening #coronavirus #lockdown

This is why Szeged is one of the best university towns in Hungary

We <3 Szeged! Wouldn't you agree? ?‍??‍?

Twice vaccinated in vain? – Immune Israeli man sent to quarantine anyways in Hungary

Why don't we have rules for immune travellers yet❓❓??

EU wants tougher border rules on account of new virus variants

What's next?? ??⛔

How long it takes for Hungary’s population to reach COVID-19 immunity?

How long it takes for Hungary's population to reach COVID-19 immunity? - Here is the answer! ????

UN: Hungary’s 9th constitutional amendment goes against fundamental human rights

UN accused the government of violating fundamental human rights at least 13 times in the last 2 years.

Big brother attacks sister’s underage suitor with a chainsaw in Hungary

Big brothers can be overprotective, but this is next level.

25-year-old Hungarian women lead an international drug trafficking gang

She worked under the nickname “mama” and was in charge of the entire operation.

Barbara Palvin’s boyfriend loves Hungarian food and attended a traditional pig slaughter

??❤️?? #BarbaraPalvin often cooks Hungarian dishes for #DylanSprouse in the U.S.

Ukraine: Hungary is our no. 2 enemy

Ukrainian political experts consider #Hungary to be the second most hostile nation towards #Ukraine. ????

Here’s the first real snowfall of the season in Hungary – PHOTOS

Snow is up to 20 cm in some regions of Hungary! Are you excited or annoyed? ?️❄️☃️

Hungarian vaccine certificate to come, here’s why you will need one

Will this become the single most important document in our lives? ???

Hungarian food supplement company loved worldwide buys biggest competitor

The Hungarian market leader is also among the top brands in the business worldwide. ??? @BioTechUSAInt

Why do more and more people move to Hungary?

The no. of foreign residents in Hungary has been increasing over the years. ?✈️??

The biggest Hungarian real estate trends of 2020

This is what happened in real estate this year. ????

Hungarian police detain paedophile in Budapest thanks to a tip from U.S. authorities

The court ordered the man's arrest two day after he was detained.

Budapest Széchenyi Bath is the 2nd most Instagrammed hot spring in the world

Not a bad score! #Gellértbath is also among the top 10 most #Instagram-worthy baths. ????

Hungarian family kicked off plane in the U.S. because 2-year-old would not wear a mask

“I have never been more confused in my life. I did not know how to react,” the mom said.