Széchenyi Bath Budapest

Parkden Resorts compiled a list of the world’s most popular hot springs, then checked which ones are the most picturesque according to Instagram. Based on their method, not one but two Hungarian baths made the list! Influencers love Budapest’s aesthetic.

Well-known U.K. holiday park company Parkdean Resorts revealed the 25 most Instagrammable hot springs, onsens and public baths in the world, Forbes writes. They crafted an editorial list of the world’s most popular hot springs, then checked how many hashtags each one received on Instagram, thus, predicting their popularity on the no. 1 photo-sharing app. This list is based on the hashtags found in November 2020.

Based on their hashtags on Instagram, the top 10 most Insta-Worthy hot springs around the world are the following:

  1. Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa in Iceland, with 101,721 total hashtags
  2. Szechenyi Bath in Hungary, with 55,716 total hashtags
  3. Mammoth Hot Springs in California, with 41,491 total hashtags
  4. Hanmer Springs in New Zealand, with 39,366 total hashtags
  5. Hot Water Beach in New Zealand, with 38,759 total hashtags
  6. Terme di Saturnia in Italy, with 35,685 total hashtags
  7. Grutas Tolantongo in Mexico, with 32,333 total hashtags
  8. Hot Springs in Kinosaki, Japan, with 28,334 total hashtags
  9. Peninsula Hot Springs in Australia, with 25,719 total hashtags
  10. Gellért Baths in Hungary, with 23,750 total hashtags

We are very proud since two historic Budapest baths made the list, Széchenyi and Gellért Baths. To read more about these baths and why people love them, please check out our previous articles.

Disclaimer: places with generic names that could easily be misidentified by hashtags were omitted because their names called up a lot of unrelated hashtags.

Several of the highest-ranking hot springs are located in Europe and Japan, but there are also a couple from Australia, New Zealand and the United States.


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